In this British English accent training free download lesson, you will learn and practise examples of the /eə/ vowel.

Practise /eə/ |Click the audio player to listen to this British English accent training free lesson.

Improve your British accent by practising the /eə/ diphthong in example words and phrases. Repeat-after-me audio lesson for a British English accent. Download this British Accent Training free lesson as an MP3 (right click and save by clicking the audio player).

The symbol and keyword in the image below will help you to remember the sound of the /eə/ diphthong.

British English accent training free download: the keyword for /eə/ is 'HAIR'.
British English accent training free download: the keyword for /eə/ is ‘HAIR’

In the next part of the lesson, we will do some repeat-after-me British Accent training practice.

British English accent training free download: Practise //

Pay close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible. Not every word example in the phrase section contains an /eə/ vowel, but must do. There is at least one /eə/ diphthong in each example phrase.

Now practise your British accent by repeating the individual words and example phrases below.

there               look! a fairy is over there!

their                their parents

they’re             they’re starting at us

where              where is Sarah?

everywhere     here, there and everywhere

nowhere         we’re on a road to nowhere

somewhere     somewhere there are bears

air                    aeroplanes in the air

hair                  wash your hair

chair                sit in a chair

square             square the circle

yeah                yeah, I’m sure

fair                   fair’s fair

rare                 a rare pair of earrings

care                 care about skincare

wear                wear underwear

aware              aware of malaria

prepare           prepare for germ warfare

swear              I swear I’ll be there for you

bare                 the bare minimum

dare                 don’t you dare!

flare                 emergency flares

glare                glare of the sun

share               get (your) fair share

snare               hare in a snare

spare               spare key

stare                stare at mary

beware            beware of malware

compare          compare prices

declare            nothing to declare

Thank you for doing this lesson. Now, you may continue your accent training by listening to more British Accent Training Free lessons.

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