Jade Joddle

Growing Your Confidence & Skill to Shine When Speaking English

For professionals whose ability to speak good English fails sometimes, preventing them from being able to shine and fulfil their potential.

Jade Joddle

Who is Jade?

Jade is an accent trainer and English teacher.

She has over ten years’ experience as an online teacher and a degree in English literature. Thousands of people have taken her training courses and millions have watched her video lessons.

On this site’s blog, you will find lessons that help you improve your accent and English skills. You will also find information about Jade’s courses.

Business contact: info@jadejoddle.com

Jade Joddle

Jade's Story

As a child Jade experienced mutism and was unable to speak even if she wanted to or needed to in some situations. To become the teacher and speaker she is today she had to go on a long quest to find her own voice. The gift Jade received as the result of her quest: her love for the English language!

Jade Joddle

Speak Well Philosophy


Accuracy is important


Speak like you, only better


Develop technical skill, speak clearly


Learn in a systematic way


Practise a little every day


High-level English for professionals

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