What a Lisp Means

An intuitive description of the meaning of a lisp in terms of a person’s deeper psychology. Also including a simple exercise you can do to train your tongue to keep a more set back position in order to reduce the lisp and change your life!

My Brain Fog

Brain fog: low energy and fatigue, low motivation, speech difficulties, increased sensitivity to noise, and lack of will to socialise. Studies have shown that people with autism spectrum disorders are among those most likely to experience brain fog.

Do Affirmations Work? My Perspective on ‘The Secret’

What I think about The Law of Attraction and ‘The Secret’: a commentary on mainstream New Age views which claim saying positive affirmations is the way to get whatever it is your want in life — from a beautiful body, to success.

Meaning of a Lump in the Throat: Globus Hystericus

An intuitive perspective regarding the sensation of something being caught in the throat. This can feel like a constriction and there can be difficulty swallowing. Also known as globus hystericus / globus pharyngis.