A poem about ghosts (words below the video)…

When The Ghosts Come…

There are those among us
Who go a-hunting for them.
With torches in hand
And breaths held tight
At the stoke of midnight
in paranormal search they wend
Infra-red gizmos calibrated
To detect the unbodied
Those who were
Our once dear
And now, sadly departed kin
Stuck somewhere between
Here and there
Wandering and lost.

There are those among us
Who go a-talking with them
In sodden graveyards
By the light of the moon.
In secret ritual they invoke
With magical chants
Mind-altering potion
Or rapt, solemn
Meditative intent:
Calling forth the souls
Of the dead but not gone
To commune with them.

There are those among us
Who go a-dreaming with them
When the night is black
And the living deeply sleep
Dreamers with ghostly sight
In supernatural encounter meet
That which exists in the unseen
Between here and there.
What do the seers see at night?
A message, a ghoulish sight
A spinning orb of angelic light?
Only the dreamer can say
In the drowsy moment
Before the spectre fades away.

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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.


  1. Hi Jade.I just want to say you are very innovative and creative in your teaching methods.I’d like your video very much.It’s brilliant. Thank you for teaching us this way.See you.

  2. mattias cisterna

    so nice. would you give me a piece of advise ? i wanto to learn how to write a poem with the correct sense,but, the problem i have is that i am not sure how to do it well. greetings from Neuquèn (Argentina

    • That question is asking for a book’s worth of advice, not a mere comment’s worth.

  3. Hi Jade,
    Thanks for the poem & the video.
    Really enjoyed your poem.
    You’re so talented !
    Thank you for sharing.
    Best Wishes,

  4. Federico

    Happy halloween to you too Jade!

    Very nice and spooky 😛

    I can’r recognize the forest where you made this video. Is it on London?

  5. What comment system is this? Disqus? Heh, haven’t seen this avatar for ages.

    Anyway, double-posting I know but just have to say again how much I loved it! Especially your ominous reading. As a published writer and poet myself I treasure well-crafted phrases; poetry that isn’t downright bad is a rare beast on the internets, sadly. You my friend have a real gift of expression. Do you write creatively a lot? I hope so….

    • I don’t write that much. In 2015 so far I have written 3 poems and this is one of them.

  6. That’s absolutely brilliant, Jade. I love the cadence of your voice and the handheld camera work. Very spooky and beautiful. Did you write the poem? I hope you have a very ghoulish day…

  7. Great poem with a beautiful rhythm.

    Thank you Jade.

  8. Very nice. On all levels. I notice you forgot to compromise there 😛 Happy Halloween, Jade!

    Might not be everybody’s taste (oh well), but a tune that evokes the occasion for me, now that you have already set the tone:

    • I find it rather curious to say happy Halloween. I don’t think what the day ‘celebrates’ is happy. But I do receive these greetings as is the custom so thanks. :O

  9. There are those among us whose native language isn’t english
    There are those among us who unfortunately can’t understand an obviously beautiful poem
    There are those among us who wish the poet has added an description to what she has written
    There are those among us who wish jade every success

    • Hey Jaafar, it seems you got the gist of the poem’s structure. Don’t worry, I think a lot of native speakers cannot understand the language of this poem as it is in an much older style, perhaps as early as 1840’s. Oh and about the lack of a description – I don’t like to explain what my videos are about. It’s up for you to decide!