How to Deepen Your Voice (For Women)

If you are a woman with a high-pitched, breathy voice you may find that people do not take you seriously. By changing the way you breathe and doing deep voice exercises you can make your voice deeper over time.

It takes a lot of work and effort to change the pitch of your voice to make it deeper. It cannot happen straight away as there are mental and physical blocks preventing you from being able to talk differently. You do not at the moment feel comfortable taking charge in situations, which can be heard in your voice. It is only when you begin to feel differently about yourself and make an effort to face your blocks relating to personal power that you can change the way your voice sounds. You will find that as you deepen your voice over time, you also become more self-assertive and confident. This happens because the blocks you are dealing with are always perfectly mirrored in the mind and body. In other words, the way you speak is a perfect reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you want to get a deep voice, you must start to feel differently about yourself also.

By learning to breathe differently you can change the pitch of your voice. To get your deepest natural speaking voice requires that you shift from shallow breathing to deep breathing into your diaphragm. You cannot do this right away because your body does not how to do it. It is something that you learn to do slowly and surely. In the same way that most adults cannot do the splits – you must train yourself to do it gradually.

How to Do Deep Breathing

1. Start by sitting or standing with good posture, which means that your shoulders are back and down. Make an effort to hold your shoulders in this position as you do the breathing exercise.

2. Breathe deeply into your diaphragm. You know you are doing it right when you take a deep breath but your shoulders hardly move. All the work to breathe is happening much lower down in the body as the diaphragm expands and contracts – first by expanding down towards the belly as you inhale, then relaxing as air is exhaled. When you are doing this right you can feel a downwards/upwards movement that stretches you length ways along the body (in contrast to the inwards/outwards movement of the gut). For best results you should aim to do deep breathing into your diaphragm for 20 minutes each day, as if it were a meditation.

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Jade Joddle is a speech and voice teacher for high-level professionals. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well so that they thrive and succeed.

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  1. M G N V PRASAD Reply

    Dear ma’m,
    I am Prasad.Weak in speaking.when I am speaking to new person .I cannot speak properly fear and nervousness is coming .my voice also breaks. In my childhood I have a talking problem i.e a single word
    takes so much time coming from my mouth.and later age is growing up normally It’s i will speak but some words are difficult for me to I hope you understand my problem.please Give me a suggestion .
    Thanking you
    M G N V Prasad

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