Improve your British accent pronunciation by learning the vowel sounds of English. In this lesson you will learn the long /u:/ sound which we find in words such as ‘Ruth’ and ‘Moose.’

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A moose named Ruth held herself aloof.
She considered herself quite superior
And looked down her rather longish nose
In cool disapproval
Of every other moose in her group.
She thought them all crude:
Their clumsy hoofed hands couldn’t hold spoons,
So they ate their soup with their noses in their bowls.
Having such loose morals,
They swam in the pool shamelessly nude.
More ignorant than the commonest fish,
The moose in her group
Had been removed from their schools
And spoke in MOO’S like the foolish cows
Ruth so ruthlessly considered them to be.

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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.


  1. Erick Abner Reply

    Amazing!!!, your videos have helped me quite a lot!!!, they reeeeeeeally came in handy during my competences assessment/interview in my company, many thanks girl!!!!

  2. Jeeves Mitt Reply

    Laughing hard..! Many, many thanks, dear Jade, for this amusing story and congratulations as well for the poem.
    It can be the beginning of an animated series of these wonderful characters.
    On a side note, I would like to ask you about a video on the many different aspects of the experience of living abroad, for example, about language, work, place to live, and so on.

    Sincerely yours,

    Tlön and Orbis

  3. It is good

    I am sorry but I can not buy the course for the moment

    But iam still here

  4. Jade. you are as usully have a best british english pronunciation. Be happy

  5. jason g scott Reply

    funny video 🙂
    i like your english pronunciation training, good idea and You speak clearly Jade.

    b.r. jason

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