Terms and Conditions and Coaching Disclaimer

Coaching and Training Disclaimer

All coaching and training services provided by Jade Joddle as well as information on this website are meant to identify the ways in which your voice and speaking reflects areas of your life that are holding you back. Jade Joddle is a teacher of speech and voice through her own direct experience as a speaker and teacher, and as such, she holds no formal qualifications in speech therapy or in the medical professions.

By purchasing coaching services from Jade Joddle you confirm that you agree with the following statements and wish to proceed:

  • I understand that Jade Joddle provides guidance on account of her own personal learning and direct experience as a teacher and speaker. In no way does she act as any of the following: formally qualified speech therapist; therapeutic counsellor; mental health professional; medical care professional.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle’s formal education is in English Literature and that her experience is as a speech/voice teacher and speaker.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for my wellbeing during the Best Voice Profile process including any choices or decisions made as a result.
  • I understand that recommendations, ideas and comments made by Jade Joddle are solely for the purpose of aiding me to speak with my best voice.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle’s philosophy regarding speech and voice is holistic, and as such, her recommendations may include general health and wellbeing advice.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle will protect my confidentiality regarding issues raised in my Best Voice Profile

Payment Options and Payment Processor

There are two payment options available when you purchase a Best Voice Profile. You can either use PayPal or Stripe (see secure checkout page). Both payment processors accept credit and debit cards.

Privacy policy:

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any third parties.

Online course delivery policy:

We do not deliver physical products because this is a digital product.

Refund Policy

Your Best Voice Profile is a bespoke analysis of your voice and speaking, and as such, Jade Joddle records a unique audio recording that is made just for you. Jade Joddle wants to you to be happy with the information and insights you receive in your Best Voice Profile — so if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Best Voice Profile or the service provided, email Jade Joddle and you will be fully refunded.