This post is based upon personal reflection regarding the third chakra (solar plexus chakra) and the role it plays a role in extreme introversion and shyness.


Blocked solar plexus chakra – The third chakra is the seat of one’s personal power and sense of self. When this chakra is open and balanced it allows you to express yourself with confidence and to show your ‘real self’. On the other hand, when this chakra is blocked you are extremely shy and sensitive, which may lead you to either hide your real personality from people or hide away from life in your introvert’s cave.

How the blockage happens – Blocked solar plexus chakras result from abuses of authority. You may have had a controlling, smothering or overbearing parent (often this kind of parenting is culturally considered ‘normal’ and is passed down from generation to generation). You may otherwise have attended an extremely strict school which made you feel powerless. Due to your boundaries having invaded or invalidated by (a) person(s) in positions of authority over you in childhood or adolescence, you are not able to assert your personal power in healthy ways. Since you are unable to defend yourself psychically due to weak boundaries, human relationships are often fraught or overwhelming. For this reason you may choose to hide away in the introvert’s cave where it is safer.

How the blockage clears – Clearing blockages in the solar plexus chakra can be the work of (a) lifetime(s). Due to the cultural programming we experience, many of us will never succeed in unblocking the solar plexus chakra and may even worsen the blockage over the course of a lifetime. There are many ways we may give up our personal power without realising it, for example by being in a relationship with a controlling partner or as being an adherent of a religion that restricts and controls. Another common way of giving away one’s power is to claim state benefits for life. Many more people give away their power by not following their own dreams, but instead giving themselves up by having children, or by trying to win the approval and love of one’s parents or romantic partner. (BLOCKAGES HERE ARE EXTREMELY COMMON!) When we experience the world from the position of a blocked solar plexus chakra, we are likely to have blind spots regarding the habitual ways that we give away or do not claim our personal power in life and thereby keep ourselves stuck in a blocked state. However, if you are open and willing to work with the solar plexus chakra it can be unblocked overtime. The ways to unblock the solar plexus chakra are various and many, however, in a practical sense it will involve learning to claim back your sense of individual authority so that you develop healthier, stronger boundaries that enable you to get out into the world without getting drained. Most likely this will require you to learn how to stand on your own two feet and to move beyond the need to reach for or seek approval from other people.

When energy is free flowing – When your solar plexus chakra is clear and energy is free flowing you are able to enjoy socialising and meeting new people. In everyday situations you will not feel shy or over-sensitive and you will absolutely not get drained. Since you approve of yourself, it doesn’t bother you to be around people who challenge you in some way or whom do not agree with your ideals.

When the blockage comes back! – Work undertaken to unblock the solar plexus chakra is not a one-way street that lasts forever. This is why extreme shyness or introversion may sometimes return, leaving you feeling as if you have gone backwards in life and have once again become overly shy. Extreme shyness or introversion may again occur / come back if you have been in some way traumatised or your personal power has been abused. Typically this could happen if you have a bad romantic relationship experience in which you gave up your needs or in which there was a lot of drama. However, the trauma itself can be any situation that triggers you to feel powerless and unable to act (not always a romantic relationship). (PERSONAL NOTE: a severe trauma of this kind happened to me one year ago and I have only just got my confidence and self-expression back).

What it feels like when the blockage returns – When the blockage returns you feel the comeback of all your old social fears. Extreme sensitivity and social anxiety may also return with a vengeance: you may find yourself nervous about doing even little things such as asking for help in a shop. On top of this, you may feel extremely sensitive to the energies around you and feel as if you can feel the emotions of others when you are physically close to them or look in their eyes (this is a clear signifier that your psychic boundaries are porous and weak). If you are in this weakened state, any effort to push against your comfort zone will be extremely hard and inner feelings of avoidance will be strong.

Getting unblocked, again! – Getting unblocked takes both time and assertive action on your side. Sometimes radical change is necessary and you may have to go away for awhile or stop seeing the person(s) the trauma was triggered by. Having space from any person(s) who violated or invalidated your personal boundary gives you time to heal and strengthen yourself again.

What you can also do – The solar plexus chakra can be strengthened by incorporating more yellow foods into your diet, having yellow decorations in your home, or by wearing yellow clothes. Some of the ways I personally do this are by drinking a kind of ‘tea’ made from slices of lemon and ginger and sometimes honey as my regular hot drink; eating yellow dal soup (Indian soup) most days; and by wearing yellow pyjamas! Oh yes, and the yellow colour in my Jade Joddle branding was also intentional for this reason. I have steadily been incorporating more yellow into my life over a four year period (at the time of writing) during which time I have become steadily more expressive and able to show my ‘real self’.

Still not sure if you are blocked? I am not part of the ‘I’m an introvert and proud’ movement as that seems to come hand in hand with justifying why it’s good and necessary to hide away from life in the introvert’s cave. I also think that despite any propensities towards introversion that we may have (solar plexus chakra blockages) we can in the course of a lifetime learn how to show ourselves more and also learn to be more socially open, if we so desire. In fact I 100% know that is true because I have experienced both sides of life and I know which one feels better.