Get a Grounded, Richly Resonant Voice

To set free your inner voice try this voice training exercise from the Method School of Acting, which would have been practised by actors like Jack Nicholson and Al Pacino. The idea of this exercise is to develop a voice that is deeply grounded in the body, carrying with it a deep, powerful resonance. A grounded voice voice is rich and deep – that’s very different to a voice that resonates in the head, which is like a nerd voice.

Let Your Inner Voice Out – Voice Exercise:

  1. Sit in a chair and lean back so that your neck hangs at the back over the chair.
  2. Roll your neck, shoulders, waist and circle your legs.
  3. As you make the circlular undulating movements say ‘ahhh’ with your voice as deep down in your body as you can.
  4. Whenever you feel the energy build up and you want to release say ‘ha!’

You should continue the exercise for around 15 minutes.

The exercise will deeply relax you therefore it is good to energize yourself after with some body patting up and down your legs, waist and arms.

Few people have achieved their best voice. We don’t speak with rich, warm and deep voices as standard. That’s because we’re battling huge emotional blocks in our minds and in our bodies that stop us from communicating expressively and fully. By working to develop the resonance of your speech, you will be breaking up some of the physical blocks in your body on your way to achieving your best speaking voice.

When developing resonance, think of your body as being like a speaker or amp. If you don’t use your speaker correctly, you will not be able to speak loudly without training your voice. For people who currently resonate in their nose area, you can learn to push your resonance down by doing the resonance training exercises in the video.

By practising these exercises over time, you will be able to talk loudly without shouting like a stage actor.

1 Massage your body and sides as you hmm / ohm. Don’t forget to breathe!

2 Practise resonating at the tip of your head in a high pitch and then bring it down low into the diaphram. It helps if you move your hand as you do it. You can then change direction as you hmm from low to high.

3. Visualise the sound of your voice travelling all around you as you hmm and resonate.