native speaker


In this lesson I’ll teach you FAST native speaker pronunciation. We’ll look at how when native speakers are relaxed and talking fast, individual sounds in a sentence may change completely. This happens because our tongues naturally want to say everything the laziest way possible! I’ll give you plenty of examples of the sounds in words changing when spoken quickly and I’ll also teach you some IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). We’ll also practice speaking with the right intonation when asking questions, as this is really important not only to convey the right meaning, but also to get the correct rhythm in your speech. In under 15 minutes, you will be able to start sounding more like a native English speaker.

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Are you a professional who has moved to the UK for work? Have you found it harder than you expected to get to know native speakers and to make friends here in the UK? Perhaps you even find it difficult to have any conversations at all in English, apart from the same old conversations with your colleagues. And that gets boring after a while. What’s the reason it’s so hard to make friends and to get to know native speakers? Could it be there’s something about you that just puts them off?