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Being a slow learner results in frustration when it comes to developing one’s fluency or accent. However, there is also an advantage to being a slow learner, which I share with you in today’s podcast motivation lesson of English Jade.

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English Jade is a podcast of high level English training for non-native speaker professionals. In this podcast episode I talk about one of the common problems many of my students have, which is not being motivated to practice. When it comes to improving your speech and speaking skills, there is no way to cheat: You have to practice regularly. Therefore, if you aren’t practising, it means that you’re not improving. I share with you an example story from my own life which demonstrates the rewards you get in the longer-term from being motivated and consistently working towards your goals. 

Are you a professional who has moved to the UK for work? Have you found it harder than you expected to get to know native speakers and to make friends here in the UK? Perhaps you even find it difficult to have any conversations at all in English, apart from the same old conversations with your colleagues. And that gets boring after a while. What’s the reason it’s so hard to make friends and to get to know native speakers? Could it be there’s something about you that just puts them off?

There are two types of English learners in the world: English Pros and English Dabblers. English Jade is made for English Pros — people whose good learning habits drive them towards progress and success in everything they do. Find out more about the good learning habits of English Pros in this episode of English Jade.

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