Kevin S. Glenn


How Kevin Learned to Roar!


Kevin contacted me for coaching because he had been told that his monotone voice was the weak point of his presentation skills. He was competing in the ‘Toastmasters International World Speech Competition’ at the quarter-final stage and hoped to transform his voice in order to stand the best possible chance of winning.

As often happens during the coaching process, I immediately identified Kevin’s real speech problem to be different to what he had first supposed. His problem was not in fact one of having a monotone voice; Kevin’s problem was that he was trapped in a thick cage of self-expression blocks. I saw huge potential in Kevin as a speaker – if only he could learn to release and express more through his voice.

I saw Kevin’s strength as a speaker to be that he had the gift of being able to speak from the heart, to move people, but yet this rare, transfixing ability was something that he had been conditioned to suppress through his strict upbringing. I could only see the faintest trace of it in his presentations, as if he had been taught to shamefully keep it hidden at a very deep level. With my coaching insights and practical exercises, Kevin experienced huge shifts in his self-expression.

In just three one-hour appointments, Kevin’s dynamism as a speaker was transformed. He was truly like a lion being released from a cage – Kevin had learned how to roar!

In Kevin’s own words:

“Seeking out a voice coach for me resulted in about 50% working on techniques that helped my speaking skills and delivery and about 50% validation that I didn’t suck as bad as I thought I did. Often times as introverts our voices have been squelched for so long that when we first do start to express ourselves, we’re very unsure of ourselves and our abilities. It’s a wonderfully great thing to go to an objective, highly experienced language coach like Jade and hear that you’re really not that far off the mark and when you get past the few blocks that are holding you back, well then, watch out world, someone’s about to set it on fire. Great things really start to bust out. I’m very grateful for Jades coaching. She’s the best!”