highly sensitive introvert


What Kind of Introvert Are You?


The most important thing to know about being an introvert is that we are not all the same. For some introverts any kind of social interaction is painful and awkward. These introverts are severely limited in life by their communication blocks which mean that they cannot create the life that they desire and that their worlds are very small. For other introverts, who do not have anxiety in social communication, life as an introvert may be happy and fulfilling. This kind of introvert is often proud of their introversion. However, they have not experienced what it feels like to be extroverted – perhaps they would enjoy life even more as an extrovert?

As a highly sensitive introvert I need to live my life in a different way to other people in order to stay healthy and happy. This can be a disadvantage in many situations as it is essential for me to be in calm environments or else I cannot function effectively. Despite the many changes I have made in order to learn to manage my energy, I still need to work hard so that I do not get drained when in chaotic environments. This is just one of the ways I consider my kind of introversion to be disadvantageous.

Understanding my introversion better has been key in helping me to make decisions that lead me towards a healthier and happier life as an introvert. By understanding your kind of introversion by taking The Introvert Test, you too can find out if your introversion is holding you back from happiness and success in life.