Cara Delevingne’s accent is the modern Sloane accent – the accent of upper class Londoners from Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia. It’s a specific way of speaking which blends features of Heightened R.P. (an extremely posh accent) with the influence of lower class pronunciations specific to London. The result is an accent that is both exclusive and edgy at the same time. The blend of ‘high’ and ‘low’ pronunciations may be one of the contributing factors that serves to position Sloane Rangers as the only cool group among posh people. This accent, which is both plummy and somehow ‘street’ at the same time, could be why Sloanes like Cara Delevingne tend to be at home moving with the in-crowd of their day (and by in-crowd I mean the coolest bands, misfits and vagabonds of their generation).

Heightened R.P. pronunciations include:

‘funny’ as /fɑːn.i/

‘around’ as /əˈra:nd/

‘what’ with a heightened R.P. and old-fashioned /h/ sound

London pronunciations include:

like said as /leɪt/ without a /k/ in one instance (particularly ‘street’)

occasional glottal stops instead of /t/

going said as /ˈɡəʊ.wɪŋ/ (this is known as w-insertion and is a feature of Cockney)

Voice and Manner of Speech

Cara has a charming lisp and speaks expressively with a lot of fluctuations in rhythm and emphasis as she is speaking. Her voice is low  and plummy (spoken from the diaphragm) which gives her voice a casual kind of authority.