When you have speech blocks (subtle mutism) you are not able to express yourself in words fully and freely. Here are 25 signs of speech blocks…

1. You are not able to laugh with deep belly laughs when something is funny or cry with heavy, heartfelt sobs when you feel sad.

2. You take yourself seriously and care too much about what other people think of you.

3. You are not able to playfully talk to babies or animals.

4. It’s hard for you to talk about feelings.

5. You need alcohol to socialise, especially when meeting new people.

6. You are quiet when in a group situation even when you want to say something.

7. You worry about saying the wrong thing. You watch yourself in conversation and hold back from speaking.

8. You do not speak up in defence of yourself or when someone is acting out of line.

9. To control your emotions or to make a point you may give someone the silent treatment.

10. When attempting to talk about your feelings either the words don’t come or your voice shakes.

11. It is hard for you to say ‘I love you’ or to give heartfelt compliments to someone’s face.

12. Your voice is quiet and people often don’t hear you.

13. Your voice is boring and lacks energy.

14. You wait to see what others think first before sharing your opinion.

15. You find it hard to say ‘no’ even when you don’t want to do something.

16. When someone is being unreasonable to you, you say nothing to keep the peace.

17. You do not willingly share your talents or knowledge with others (if you create anything, you keep it private).

18. When someone speaks to you spontaneously and unexpectedly you are thrown off guard and can’t speak.

19. When someone interrupts you, you stop talking and let them speak. You don’t speak again as a form of protest.

20. Your facial expression and gesture while speaking tends to be controlled and poised (stiff upper lip).

21. You are numb and not able to feel the full range of feelings, positive or negative.

22. When you are unhappy about something you express your feelings through facial expression and looks only and expect people to know what you mean.

23. Extremely quiet when being overheard or when around new people.

24. You cannot express yourself well in social communication so your creative work becomes an outlet for what you cannot say.

25. Tends to understand foreign languages but your speaking skills are poor. Words of a foreign language come to mind very slowly.