English Jade: Learn Advanced /b/ Spelling and Pronunciation

In this lesson, we will continue to practice the pronunciation and spelling of the /b/ sound in English. We will also learn silent ‘b’ words and consonant blends including ‘b’. Before we begin, here’s a quick summary on how to articulate /b/:

Articulating /b/

  • /b/ is stop consonant: the flow of air is stopped and then released to make a sound
  • the place of articulation is the lips: purse the lips and then release the pressure
  • /b/ is a voiced consonant: the vocal cords vibrate (no puff of air is released like it is for /p/)
  • the /b/ (voiced) and /p/ (voiceless) consonants are usually learnt as a pair
  • /b/ and /p/ are pronounced with the same part of the lips

Practice /b/ Words and Phrases: Some Examples from the Lesson Recording

blonde: blue-eyed blonde

blotchy: blotchy spots and blemishes

brown: the brown broom’s bristles