In this Standard British accent training lesson, you will learn and practise examples of the /ɔɪ/ diphthong.

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Improve your British accent by practising the /ɔɪ/ diphthong in example words and phrases. Repeat-after-me audio lesson for a British English accent.

The Standard British accent is the most widely accepted accent in the UK, which is perceived as being the most correct. This accent is spoken all over the UK, but is geographically most closely associated to the South East of England. It is also the accent most commonly used in Broadcasting, for example on the BBC.”

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Standard British Accent Training: the keyword for /ɔɪ/ is 'BOY'
Standard British Accent Training: the keyword for /ɔɪ/ is ‘BOY’

Standard British Accent Training: Practise /ɔɪ/

Now practise your British accent by repeating with the individual words and example phrases below. Pay close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible. Not every word examples in the phrase section contains an /ɔɪ/ vowel, but must do. There is at least one /ɔɪ/ diphthong in each example phrase:

Standard British Accent Training: Common Words Containing /ɔɪ/

boy                  boys will be boys

coin                 toss a coin

choice             spoilt for choice

oil                    crude oil

noise               noise annoys me

point               there’s no point

avoid               avoid soya

destroy            Troy was destroyed

enjoy               enjoy a tomboy

employ            don’t employ cowboys

toilet               where’s the toilet

boil                  boiling water bubbles

foil                   aluminium foil

join                  join the resistance

soil                  soil your pants

toil                   work hard; toil

void                 null and void contract

hoise               hoist up the sails

moist               moist; moisture

poise               the poise of a supermodel

voice               noisy voices

android           marvin the paranoid android

cloister             church cloister

exploit             exploit the poor

embroil           embroiled in this mortal coil

invoice            invoice for oysters

oily                  oily skin

ointment         haemorrhoid ointment

steroid             prescription for steroids

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