Hi Students, I’m sharing a speaking skills evaluation tool with you. Use it to analyse your English speaking skills and make a learning plan to improve them.

The Coaching Resource Pack was designed as a tool for self-training. The speaking skills evaluation is a two-step process. Step one is to identify the problem areas in your speech (these are the things you would like to change). Step two requires you to make an action plan to improve your speaking in these areas.

Speaking Skills Evaluation PDF
Speaking Skills Evaluation PDF | Click to Download

Speaking Skills Evaluation Process

The speaking skills evaluation process is the one that I followed myself to improve my own speaking skills. That is why I know that it works.

I’m not a naturally gifted speaker, but rather someone who has applied grit and hard work to learn how to speak well. I now work to give my students the shortcuts to speaking English well, so that they don’t have to struggle as hard as I did.”

Jade Joddle

“Can I Change my Voice?”

People who ask themselves the above question are often unsatisfied by the overall impression they make when speaking. In other words, they think the problem is the way their voice sounds, when in truth, the thing that bothers them is their overall presentation.

Issues with the voice and speech are amplified when speaking in a foreign language, such as English. By using the Coaching Resource Pack, you can identify these problem areas in your speech. By focusing speaking skills practice on your problem areas, it is possible to efficiently target these issues for improvement.

Why Students Fail to Improve the Way they Speak / Sound

When students are committed to the goal of improving they way they speak, they never fail. This is because the effort you put into your speech is always rewarded by improvements. However, sometimes this improvement is frustratingly slow or students quit before they have seen results.

When signs of improvement are slow, students become demotivated, which may result in them quitting. This can be avoided by working to improve your speech in the correct manner. The main principles which result in progress are:

Principles of Effective Speaking Skills Training

  1. avoid random learning
  2. make a learning plan and stick to it
  3. focus on your problem areas
  4. commit to regular speech training practice
  5. be patient!

The Coaching Resource Pack can helps you with points 1 and 2 in the above list. The other resources on this website and blog will help you reach your goal of speaking English well by addressing the other numbered points.

Improve your Speaking Skills by Downloading the Coaching Resource Pack

Extend Your Learning

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