Speak Like Holly: An Attractive and Appealing Voice

How to speak attractively like Holly Willoughby. Holly’s voice hits the sweet spot of feminine vocal attractiveness and is very appealing to listen to. In this video I share with you the secrets that make her voice and speaking style so attractive.

The secrets of Holly’s vocal attractiveness that I share in this video include:
1. Her feminine pitch
2. Her golden tones
3. Her giggling attacks
4. Her saucy innuendos
5. Her nurturing side and baby talking

For my international viewers, Holly Willoughby is the darling of daytime TV in the UK. She co-presents the lifestyle show ‘This Morning’ with Philip Schofield, who is also referred to in this video.

About Jade Joddle Jade Joddle is a speech and voice teacher who gives her non-native speaker clients back the confidence they had in their native language. She teaches high-level professionals to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.