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The solution on this page is for people whose English speaking skills need improving.

How the Course Works to Improve Your Speaking

My British Accent training course works by providing you with two kinds of accent training practice.

  1. Improve Technical Skill: This means learning the small details of sound so that your pronunciation is much clearer and more accurate.
  2. Speak More Naturally: This means improving the flow of your English so that you connect your words more smoothly than ever before.

The course method is different to other accent and speech training courses, and is a lot more effective, because it combines technical information with lots of practical repeat-after-me exercises. Most other courses are one-sided, containing either too much information or not enough practice for you to improve.

It’s a Very Practical Course that Requires You to Speak Aloud

The first reason your English speaking skills are not as good as they could be is because you haven’t practised enough, leading to imbalanced English skills. A second reason your speaking skills aren’t good enough is likely to be because you haven’t paid enough attention to improving your accent.

While it is possible to improve your accent for free by watching random YouTube videos by lots of different teachers, you will get an inferior result and your accent will get mixed up. Remove irritating gaps in your knowledge by taking a complete course in accent training. And most importantly, reach your goal faster and without struggling, by becoming one of Jade Joddle’s students.

“I have been working with people from all over the world, training their accents and correcting their mistakes for over 8 years. All the shortcuts I’ve learnt to improve my students’ speaking skills are included in this course”.

“To become the teacher and speaker that I am today, I had to overcome problems with my own speech. Now I teach others to speak well by sharing all the shortcuts with them”.

What’s in the Course?

  • 6 hours 30 minutes of video lessons on the most important British English pronunciation topics (*not on YouTube!).
  • In depth lessons on the ‘music of English’, ‘word stress’ and ‘connected speech’. These hard to teach but essential topics are often completely ignored by other teachers.
  • Lesson on how to pronounce the tricky ‘th’ sounds; practise them in repeat-after-me phrases.
  • Dedicated lessons to remove the most common pronunciation mistakes in British English. (*Focus on weak areas to observe rapid progress).
  • Improve your English rhythm by learning about weak vowels and practising them inside words.
  • Memory tricks to remember the correct pronunciation of words (this ensures that you don’t carry on making the same mistakes!).
  • Ear training exercises that teach you to notice small differences in sound. This strengthens your English listening skills and makes it easier for you to understand strong accents too.
  • End of lesson quizzes to test and reinforce what you’ve learnt.
  • Follow an active learning method by answering questions and speaking aloud in every lesson. This keeps the lessons interesting and helps you to remember more.


  • Every lesson is conveniently spilt into topics/chapters; easily navigate to the specific topic you want to practise.
  • Stay motivated to complete the course by conveniently accessing your lessons on Jade Joddle’s student site, which tracks your progress through the course.
  • To join this course, your English level needs to be good enough to understand Jade’s videos. If you need help to understand, simply turn on the lesson subtitles.
  • This is an online course. Internet access is required to access your lessons on Jade’s student site.

How Long Does It Take?

Most students finish the course and observe a noticeable improvement to their accent and speaking within 1 month. *The course includes 6.5 hours of video training. Complete the course as fast as you like, by learning at your own speed.

Practise using your phone or laptop

For best results, you can practise each lesson more than once. In the words of one of my students:

“The more times I repeat each lesson, the easier it seems! I would encourage other students to do every lesson at least twice!”

Maria, British Accent Training Student

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs £149 to get this video British Accent training course.

British Accent Training Course

Get access to your lessons on Jade Joddle’s student site. Keep access to the course forever.

Improving Your Accent Results in You Speaking Better English

Jade Joddle’s students report deeper changes as a result of following her teachings. Their confidence and skill speaking the English language grows, and with this, her students can shine and fulfil their potential.

Student Case Studies

🎓 🇵🇱 Pavel, web developer living in the UK: Pavel’s move to the UK had resulted in rapid career progress, which had moved at a faster rate than his English and accent progress. He decided to take the British Accent Training course because despite working with native speaker colleagues every day, his speaking skills were not improving, as he had expected. Taking the British accent training course helped his English speaking skills and confidence catch up with their level of English required by his job. Another positive outcome for him was that his improved speaking skills led to him fitting in better, and feeling more part of the team.

🎓 🇮🇹 Christina, a lab technician living in the UK: Christina’s poor English speaking skills were the reason she was often asked the irritating question, ‘where are you from?’ The loss of confidence this caused made speaking English get harder and harder in any situation where it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Following my teachings gave Christina the support, skill and strength that she needed to turn her situation around. Her best result was being able to engage in friendly chitchat with people she didn’t know, which in turn made her feel more at home in the UK.


Terms and Conditions

*If you are unsatisfied with the course, then you can ask for a refund within 10 days.