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Jade Joddle is a speech and voice teacher for high-level professionals. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well so that they thrive and succeed.


  1. Repressed and untold,
    the angst and memories of old.
    And for a time, they sail afar off
    but come back a thousandfold.

  2. Beautiful reflection of your journey!

    The cave, the shell is our (believed) home, I guess. The home is warm, and gives a sense of security and surety. No surprises, no chanes, no newty, no dangers and no death. But, it only seems that way, as all of them are just there, in our caves and shells. We leave and come back to our caves, again and again, perhaps because we hate it and again we love it, just like a real relationship, as you mention it like two selves. But, the cave still is attractieve to us and outside the cave is (seemingly) Painful, therefore, we again and again come back to our caves, as a victim who voluntarily comes back to his victimizer to let him abuse him. So, the real question is: don’t we just leave the cave to make another cave slightly bigger, slightly different, slightly lessainful etc. Etc. Etc. ? …. If i leave the cave what happen to that another self, the architect of the cave, does he come with me? …. Does he consoles me and promise me another bigger cave, a promised land, or is it posdible that I leave the cave and the architect, both, and live caveless?

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