Practise /ʊ/ | Click the audio player to listen to this RP British accent training lesson

In this RP British accent training lesson, you will learn and practise examples of the short ‘U’ /ʊ/ sound.

Improve your British accent by practising the / ʊ/ sound in example words and phrases. Repeat-after-me audio lesson for a British English accent.

Practise your RP British Accent: The keyword for the /ʊ/ vowel is book.
The keyword for the /ʊ/ vowel is book.

Now practise your RP British accent by repeating with the individual words and example phrases below. Pay close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible:

RP British Accent: Practise /ʊ/









Extend Your Learning

The /ʊ/ sound is often one of the last vowels that students learn to pronounce in British English. Instead of pronouncing /ʊ/ many students substitute it for /uː/.

Watch the video lesson below to learn the difference between long and short ‘u’ in an RP British accent. The lesson teaches some minimal pairs of /uː/ versus /ʊ/.

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