This is a physical exercise for releasing trapped anger from the throat. This is recommended for you if you can feel blocks, tightness or an uncomfortable feeling in your throat. I also recommend this exercise if you have been silenced by specific people in your life and you did not directly express your anger to them at the time and now it’s too late.

  1. Get yourself into a relaxed state either laying down on the couch or sitting in a chair. Focus on your breathing (breathe out through your nose) until you feel relaxed.
  2. Call to mind a specific person who silenced you in your life and remember the situation and what happened. The person you see could be a friend, family member, ex partner, boss etc. See that person in your imagination as you continue breathing in the relaxed state.
  3. Now ask yourself where the trapped energy related to this person is in your throat area. Then wait until you can feel or ‘see’ where the blockage is inside you. You may see the blockage as a particular size/shape/colour/consistency or you may simply feel where it is. Note: sometimes the blockage is in your throat but it can also be in your mouth or covering your lips. There is no ‘right place’ for the blockage, it is wherever you see it in your imagination or can feel it.
  4. Then, as you breathe out through your nose focus and direct the force of your out breath where you feel the blockage. Your breath will come out through your nose but BEFORE it comes out it should be energetically directed at the place where the blockage is.
  5. It is helpful to make an audible breathing sound as you breathe out. The pitch and tone of this sound will change when you hit the blockage directly. If there is no sound in the place of the blockage but you can hear the sound elsewhere, this indicates that the blockage is deep. Keep breathing out and focusing on the blockage until it starts to dissolve. The sound will change a lot as you do this as the energy begins to move
  6. Every blockage has a different emotion/sound underlying it. Since this exercise is about releasing anger, the following ‘angry’ kinds of sounds are common: growling, hissing, angry exhales, frustrated sighs
  7. As the energy starts moving out through the blockage you may want to express in other ways beyond breathing, for example, by swearing, throwing (imaginary punches), shaking your body in rage, or shaking your fists. Let the energy move through you by expressing whatever comes up
  8. Now is time to say out loud what you want to say to the person who silenced you. Imagine they are in front of you and say it to them. Say the words with as much tonal force as you can muster. You may be surprised by how angry you are and how much you swear at the person! This is good — it shows that you have brought up a lot of trapped anger that was otherwise stuck in your body.
  9. This exercise can be quite a loud one to do so you may want to put on some loud ‘angry’ kinds of music while you do it so that you will not be overheard by the neighbours.

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