in this lesson we will learn how to speed up your English by learning pronunciation tricks that native speakers use. Watch the video lesson to learn tips for more flowing and natural English speech:

Native speakers of English speak fast, and because of this, the clear boundaries between words disappear. This is what gives the impression of native speakers talking fast. In reality, native speakers are not talking faster than normal — it’s just that the sounds in their pronunciation flow together in the most smooth and efficient way.

For this natural, flowing effect to happen in pronunciation there are three important changes in pronunciation that may occur. The first change is that whole sounds in the sentence may disappear completely (“elision”). The second change in pronunciation is that for the sounds to flow more smoothly, individual sounds may shift to a different sound (“assimilation”). And finally, new sounds that are not in the individual words themselves may appear when the sentence is spoken quickly (“intrusion”).

No need to worry if that makes learning natural pronunciation seem very complicated; I break everything down for you in this lesson. All you need to do is follow the lesson and repeat after me. I’ll also teach you some IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet) so that you can recognise the individual sounds of English more easily.

Note: There is a mistake on the board in this lesson. I mixed up the /aɪ/ phoneme with the /I:/ vowel. ‘Do you like it?’ should be written:

Do-you lie-kit = /də.ju: laɪ.kɪt/

Jew-lie-kit= /ʤuː laɪ.kɪt/

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