The Short Answer: Jayde Pierce has a Cockney accent featuring modern pronunciations.

The In-Depth Answer: British model and Instagram personality Jayde Pierce (rumoured to have dated Justin Bieber) speaks with a delicious, modern Cockney accent. Her manner of speaking reflects how London’s Cockney accent has evolved away from its harsh and grating origins. When listening to Jayde Pierce speak, I hear an authentic London voice that reflects how people with a working class background actually speak in real life in and around London. What I don’t hear is a dated Cockney stereotype of a person who drops their h’s (h-dropping) and speaks in Cockney Rhyming Slang!

Listen to Jayde Pierce’s Modern Cockney Accent:

Jayde Pierce’s Accent Analysis

Modern Cockney / Estuary English Influences

The Glottal Stop Mid-Word – Jayde speaks with a big, fat juicy glottal stop in most instances where /t/ is in the mid-position of a word such as ‘forty’ or ‘little’. The effect is that instead of the /t/ sound we hear a sudden break/pause; for example, ‘neaten’ becomes ‘nee-en’.

The Glottal Stop End of Word – In continuous speech Jade also drops t’s at the end of words. Dropping t’s in connecting grammatical words such as ‘but’ or ‘that’ gives her sentences a more relaxed and casual rhythm.

ð Phoneme sometimes becomes /v/ end of words – Pronunciation of ‘with’ /wɪð/ becomes /wɪv/.

-ing words sometimes adds a /w/ sound – Pronunciation of ‘going’ /gəʊɪŋ/ becomes ‘gowin’ /gəʊwɪŋ/. Pronunciation of ‘doing’ /duːɪŋ/ becomes ‘dowin’ /duːwɪŋ/.

-ing words lose ŋ phoneme – Similar to the above point: words like ‘buffing’ become ‘buffin’.

Multicultural London English Influences

/ð/Phoneme beginning of words sometimes becomes /d/ – In some instances Jayde pronounces the first sound in ‘this’ like a /d/. For example, ‘this’ becomes ‘dis’ in connected speech.

NOTE ON THE USE OF ‘SOMETIMES’ IN ACCENT ANALYSIS: When we speak, our pronunciations are not 100% regular. We pronounce words in different ways depending on the speaking situation and context. The observations in this post have all been taken from the video referenced above. Where ‘sometimes’ is used in my analysis, it means that in some instances Jayde pronounces a word in a particular way, however, this does not mean that every time she utters this same word or a word with the same phoneme that it is said by her in exactly the same way.

Jayde Pierce’s Speaking Style Analysis

Jayde speaks fast with a see-saw intonation (another Cockney speech influence). She appears to be someone to whom words flow easily and fluently. She would do well in a speaking-focused career (more speaking; less traditional modelling) and I can really see her selling her own range of beauty products in the future; I get the impression she could sell anyone anything!


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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.

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