2 years + of mewing: my personal experience of working to improve my tongue posture. In this video I talk about the benefits I have received from mewing which are related to my appearance, posture and overall health.

Watch the video to view before and after pictures so that you can see my personal mewing transformation. In this video I also explain that breathing through your mouth is unhealthy, and that mewing can correct this overtime. Finally, I give you some tips and a demonstration about how you can mew too!

How to Mew for Healthy Tongue Posture

Start by exploring the roof of your mouth with your tongue. You will find at the top a hollow space, which is describe as being like a cave. The back of this area is soft, and then as you go forward, it’s hard. The proper name for it is the palate. Your tongue is supposed to be positioned up here in the palate. It is not supposed to hang down by your bottom teeth.

When you start doing mewing, you have to concentrate to keep lifting your tongue up into the palate. This is because your tongue has bad posture, and needs to build up strength.

To develop better tongue posture, one exercise you should be doing regularly is pushing your tongue up into the palate area repeatedly. It’s like doing reps at the gym to build muscle. The exercise will strengthen the muscles of the tongue and make it easier for you to hold it up.

Mewing Exercise Two for Tongue Posture

A second exercise you can do is to push your tongue up and back so that it sits up in your palate, where it is supposed to be. Then separate your teeth slightly (don’t clench your jaw).

Simply hold your mouth in this position to ensure that your tongue sits where it is supposed to be. You can do this simple exercises whenever you’re not speaking, eating or drinking. It’s very healthy tongue posture exercise because it makes you breathe through your nose.

Extend Your Learning

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