Mad hermit woman

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  1. There is this feeling of having much more energy and confidence in the cave. It all fades away once stepped out of. Crushed by the blows of reality. Yes, this cave, her walls have been painted by the surreality and intensity of imaginations and forged expectations.

    I suppose the feeling that it is time to stop hiding comes with expectections and imaginations of the outside plastered all over the cave walls which eventually will fail to match reality and cause, yet again, another automatic retreat into the cave.

  2. I detect the feintest hint of guilt about enjoying your solitude but as far as I’m concerned there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Ignore the solitudism of society and take time out for yourself. Retreating to my quiet place is what keeps me sane and creative … and I’m not sure which I’d miss most if I were forced to abandon it!

  3. Mohamed Osman Reply

    The hermit’s cave is too dark and painful to stay in at first, but gradually one develops a sense of humour out of it. That is the time when the cave is a good place to retreat in to ponder and rethink. It then becomes a reservoir of wisdom but when the time ‘in’ gets less and less one misses it a lot. To me that is the time one strikes a balance between extravertion and introvention – the time of harvest and creativitivity…

  4. Beautiful and honest!

    I guess the same kind of thoughts must have come to Plato as well for his cave. However, I was wondering when you wrote this poem, which I guess it must have been the pivot point, and whether you have left completely your cave or sometimes you miss the cave….


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