Lesson Twenty Four: /ju:/ ‘You’ Sound

Lesson 24 of English Jade teaches you the pronunciation of the ‘you’ sound /ju:/ in English. The /ju:/ sound is not recognised as a unique phoneme, though it is a common sound in English.  In this lesson you will practice the /ju:/ sound in example words and phrases. Note: This speaking skills training to practice /ju:/ is for high-level professionals. Follow this training to improve your pronunciation, accent and clear speech.

Click the audio player link below to listen to this podcast lesson on how to pronounce the /ju:/ sound in example words and phrases. Here are a few example words taken from the lesson:









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About Jade Joddle Jade Joddle is a speech and voice teacher who gives her non-native speaker clients back the confidence they had in their native language. She teaches high-level professionals to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.