Introvert Energy Drain – 9 Rules to Live By

Introvert Energy Drain Rule Number One – Protect and Conserve Your Energy

Introverts become drained of energy through social interaction. Unlike extroverts who are energized through talking to and interacting with others, being social costs introverts energy. In particular, they can’t spend too much time socialising with the wrong people, or else it will leave them sapped of their life force and joy.

If an introvert makes the mistake of allowing their energy to run out, they will feel like a dead man walking. Their irritable and frustrated mood will bring conflict to them at work and at home, and they will not be able to escape their negative mindset until they withdraw for some time alone.

It is essential that every introvert learn how to protect their energy, making sure that they keep enough energy for themselves so that they can stay balanced. Once you learn to manage your energy as an introvert, you see that you have more than enough energy to meet the demands of your work and relationships, while importantly still being able to maintain a positive state of mind throughout your daily life.

The best advice that any introvert should follow is that they must become a policeman of their energy. You have to realise that energy is a precious commodity and it is up to you how you spend it. As you learn to protect your energy, you constantly reflect on how spending time with the people in your life makes you feel. If, after spending time with a friend, you regularly come home feeling exhausted and need to sleep, you recognise the pattern and see that your energy is being wasted or overused in the company of this friend. To maintain your energy it would be a good idea to limit the amount of time you spend with this draining person. Spend no more than a couple of hours together, and be best advised to avoid staying over at their place or going on holiday together.

The thing to understand about the flow of energy between introverts and extroverts is that some people are worth your energy because you like spending time with them and they make you feel good, whereas others make you feel short-changed for the energy you supply them with. With these people, you see that you give them your energy, but they give you nothing back, except a feeling of being drained. Realise that you have no obligation to spend your energy on any person in your life, unless that it is your choice to do so.

Even strangers can drain you. Once you become adept at managing your energy, you choose to remove yourself from situations and environments that drain you of energy. Common examples of this are people who talk loudly in your vicinity or someone who is persistent in attempts to engage in conversation even though you are busy and evidently not interested in what they have to say. In these kinds of situations, the best thing you can do is react by excusing yourself or simply moving away out of earshot.

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