In this post, I will teach you to improve your accent. Follow this advice to improve your British accent.

Improve Your Accent for Free

There are many ways to improve your accent, such as by watching pronunciation training lessons on YouTube or joining an accent training course. With so much accent training content available for free on YouTube, you have lots of options to improve your accent. But before you begin, you should know that these accent training methods are not equally effective.

Most Accent Training Doesn’t Work

It is important to choose the right kind of accent training to improve your accent, or else your efforts will fail. Most accent training courses do not give you the promised results because the method of training is imbalanced. When working to improve your accent, you must develop both the physical and mental components of speech and pronunciation together. Most teachers fail to do this.

  • Accent trainers who are too technical produce accent training courses which make your speech robotic. Following this type of course also increases perfectionism, mind blanks and fear of making mistakes. Courses produced by teachers like this are often boring, and students fail to finish them.
  • Accent trainers who have a drama or acting background usually provide a perfect accent example to copy, but usually offer no explanations. This kind of teacher often doesn’t know anything about IPA or small details of pronunciation, therefore can’t give you any explanations that will help you improve your accent.
  • My accent training is the only one available that pays equal attention to the mental and physical dimensions of speech. I always combine repeat-after-me accent training practice with technical explanations. On this blog, you will find many free accent training lessons that help you to improve your accent.

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Improve Your Accent by Yourself

It is possible to improve your accent by yourself, without needing to invest in an accent training course. It takes extra preparation to get started, but is highly effective. Best of all, this method to improve your accent is free!

STEP ONE: Choose a Famous Person with a British Accent

Step one to improve your accent requires you to choose a ‘model’ for your British accent. This means you have to select a famous person to be your example of how you would like your British accent to sound. Actors, politicians and royalty are usually good models: simply pick someone whose speaking you admire.

In the video below, you can hear a selection of fine and clear British accents. All of the speakers in the video are good models for British accent training.

STEP TWO: Collect Audio Samples

After you have chosen a model for your British accent, the next step is to find examples of him/her speaking. The best way to do this is to browse YouTube looking for interviews or other speech samples you can use for accent training.

You can watch these videos for accent training motivation and inspiration. You can also pause the video occasionally to ‘repeat-after-me’. Your goal should be to mimic your model as closely as possible.

STEP THREE: Make Repeat-after-me Practice Audios

The third and final step requires some technical knowledge, but is worth doing to get the best results from this accent training method. In order to improve your accent, you need to do regular repeat-after-me practice. Pausing YouTube videos to repeat-after-me is a messy and inconvenient way of doing this. Consequently, you need to create your own repeat-after-me practice lessons.

Begin by downloading the audio file that contains the speech sample you want to make a lesson from. If the sample is taken from a YouTube video, there are websites that will allow you to extract the audio from the video. You then need to open the audio file into an audio editor, such as Garage Band. When you have opened your audio sample in the programme, you then want to split the audio up into different repeat-after-me sections.

Break up your accent sample into different segments. A good way to do this is to break the lines up wherever a natural pause for a breath occurs. When you have finished editing your repeat-after-me audio lesson, you should then save the file. Congratulations! You have now created your own accent training lesson.

Improve Your Accent and Save Yourself Time!

Making your own accent training lessons is a time-consuming process. There are much easier ways to improve your British accent which don’t require as much effort or preparation. Save yourself time and effort by joining my accent training course:

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