I have worked with many clients over the years who have said, ‘I hate my voice’. In this video, I will talk about what it means to hate the sound of your own voice. I will also advise how you can improve your attitude about your own voice, so that you feel better about the way you sound.

Why Does My Voice Sound Strange when I hear it?

Many people don’t even recognise the sound of their own voice played back to them for the first time because it sounds so different to what they hear from inside their own head. This is because the way you hear your own voice is deeper and faster than it sounds to other people. When you hear your voice played back to you it sounds unfamiliar, which is why to hear yourself as others hear you is a strange experience for many.

Hating Your Voice: Psychological Meaning

On a deeper level, it means something much more significant to hate the sound of your voice. For some people it is a way that their issues of self-worth become apparent. People who are not happy with themselves do not like the way their voices sound to others. The issues they have about not being comfortable in themselves are manifest in how they feel about the way they sound.

The other group of people who don’t like the way their voices sound are the ones who just aren’t bothered to do anything about it because they don’t want the best for themselves. These people settle for second best in everything. Even if they are able to objectively observe in themselves that their voice sounds boring, it isn’t something that motivates them to change. They simply accept that they have a boring voice and that this is what they knowingly inflict on others in their social interaction.

How to Stop Hating the Sound of your Voice

Changing the way you feel about your voice makes your life better and improves the way that other people respond to you. To stop hating the sound of your voice, start thinking of your voice as a musical instrument. Since you play your instrument every day, why not make it an enjoyable performance to listen to? With regular practice you can get to a point where you can even delight an audience by using your voice. In doing so, deep healing and personal transformation is achieved. If you would like to improve your voice, but don’t know where to start, I advise beginning with a speaking skills evaluation.

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Jade Joddle grows your confidence and skill to shine when speaking English.

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