Problem: “people don’t understand my English and ask me to repeat myself”.

Solution: Learn a clear accent so that you feel good about your English, and speak confidently.

Students who need my help to improve their English speaking skills say to me…

  • “I’m tired of repeating myself in English.”
  • “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”
  • “Speaking is my weakest skill in English”.

When your English is not understood it causes frustrating problems…

When people don't understand what you're saying, you are forced to repeat yourself.
You are forced to repeat yourself
When people don't understand what you're saying, you make a bad impression.
You make a bad impression
When your speech is unclear, speaking on the phone is frustrating.
Speaking on the phone is frustrating

Not Being Understood Damages Your Confidence ⬇

You feel nervous to speak English 

You miss opportunities to speak English (you stay quiet)

You speak English with a quiet voice

You speak English too fast

You overthink your English pronunciation

DON’T MAKE THIS COMMON ERROR!!! Confident English-speaking skills are not passively absorbed by listening to native speakers, being on English soil or by occasionally speaking English in your job. Unless you specifically train your English accent, nothing will change.

It’s impossible to speak good English when people often don’t understand what you are saying. To solve this frustrating problem, I created the Clear Accent course.

The Clear Accent Training Method

My accent training is the only balanced accent training method available.

We learn technical information about pronunciation and we also do lots of practical repeat-after-me exercises together. 

The imbalanced trainings of other teachers fail to give you the hoped-for results because they are always lacking in some way. Some courses don’t include enough technical information about pronunciation. Other courses don’t include enough practice material for you to say aloud. 

Balancing the two kinds of practice together is what makes the Clear Accent course more effective at improving your English speaking skills.

How to Speak Clearly

Join the Clear Accent online training course…

You learn how to speak clearly by performing challenging speech training exercises. These exercises are very difficult to say correctly at first—and that’s on purpose! With practice, however, you will be amazed at how quickly you develop a clear accent. 

The reason people do not understand your English is often because you fail to connect the sounds of English. The Clear Accent course solves that problem by improving the flow and music of your English. 

Learning is convenient. Fit regular speech practice into your day by doing the lessons on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Simply watch the lesson and repeat-after-me. All it takes is 15 mins per day!

What You Get When You Join [INSTANT ACCESS]

Pronunciation training lessons [VIDEO] Get 75+ practical exercises. Repeat-after-me.

Learn how to pronounce every sound [VIDEO]

Easy to understand lectures [VIDEO] Learn technical details about pronunciation.

Read aloud using the lesson scripts [PDF] Every practical pronunciation training lesson has a script. 

Exclusive lessons for Clear Accent students only Stream your lessons on Jade Joddle’s private student website. Lifetime access. Internet access required.

Stay motivated until you achieve your goal The course is organised into short lessons. Track your progress. Learn one step at a time. 


Is my English good enough to join this course?

If you can understand me in the video at the top of the page, then your English level is good enough to join this course. *The video repeat-after-me exercises have full captions for you to read aloud.

How long does it take to finish the course?

A realistic timeframe to finish the course is two months.

How much practice do I need to do?

For best results, spend 15 minutes per day practising your accent with this course.

What Students of the Course Say…

Sebastián Ruiz 🇪🇸 Spanish Living in England

  • Technical support operator
  • Problem: stressful telephone calls 

“I am so glad that I took this course because it removed a problem from my life that I had been stuck with a long time. 

I work on a helpdesk providing technical support over the phone in English. Before I learnt to speak clearly, my job was much more stressful. The communication problems were so bad that some of the callers complained about me. 

Taking the Clear Accent course taught me what I had been missing in English, which was a sense of flow and rhythm. After about two months of training, I had a breakthrough, which was that I began to hear English as a kind of music. Once I got its beat, people understood me much better, and my problem was solved”.   

Phillipe Garnier 🇫🇷 French living in London

  • Marketing Executive
  • Problem: eating his words

“Just a few lines to thank you. I started your Clear Accent course a couple of weeks ago. I must say that all the exercises and lectures you provide us with are being really helpful, and reviewing the sounds is making me speak clearly.

I do the training exercises in the morning and have found it prepares me for the day ahead so that I’m able to communicate at my best. It’s fantastic that I can now speak English without eating my words all the time!”

Pavel Kaminski 🇵🇱 Polish living in Poland

  • Programmer
  • Problem: speaking to native speakers

I realised I needed to rapidly improve my skills the same day I had a Zoom call with my first British client. Shockingly, he only understood about 30% of what I said!

I didn’t want to lose this great opportunity, so I joined Jade’s course immediately and got started on the exercises. The next time I spoke to my British client was 10 days later. Thankfully, the second call was much less painful for me because I had made noticeable progress already.  

I practised the lessons every day until the project was completed, which was 2 months later. The good impression I made led to him recommending me to his network of business contacts. As you can imagine, this keeps me busy!

Francesca Contaldi 🇮🇹 Italian living in the UK

  • Pharmaceuticals Rep.
  • Problem: struggling to be understood

Q) What problems did you have before you joined the course?

My customers asked me to repeat myself all the time. The look on their faces, the frowning… all indicated that they were trying hard to decipher what I said. The daily frustration of not being understood made me doubt my ability to do my job properly. I had been in the UK for two years, but life wasn’t getting easier. I knew I had to do something about my speaking because life was too difficult otherwise.

Q) How did your speaking improve from taking the course?

I learnt so much about the sounds in words that I began to recognise my own mistakes. People also noticed improvements in my accent and complimented me. 

Feeling better about my speaking was a huge confidence boost. It was as if my whole speech was energised; I mean, speaking English became a lot easier.

Feel Good About Your English & Be Understood ✔︎

Speak with a clear and confident English accent ✔︎

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Jade Joddle grows your confidence and skill to shine when speaking English.

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