It’s important to know how to speak confidently so that we can make a positive impression in our conversations with others. In this lesson, you will learn how to improve your speaking skills, in order to speak confidently.

How to Be More Confident in Speaking

According to conversation skills expert Benjamin, confidence is a state of being. For us to be able to access a confident state, we need to prepare so that we have all the basics in place.

Preparing for the situation means that we should make an effort with our appearance and wear clothes in which we feel confident. It’s impossible to feel confident if we feel self-conscious about our appearance.

Speaking with Confidence Tips

It’s possible to appear more confident when speaking by making a few simple changes. Here’s a list of our best tips…

A Positive Mindset Helps You Speak Confidently

To be confident in conversation we should also seek to hold a positive mindset in our interactions. Don’t think about everything that could go wrong in the conversation or all the mistakes that you are making. This will only lead to increased anxiety and making an unconfident impression!

One aspect of having a positive mindset is to make an effort to focus on what is good in our lives, and to share that with others as part of conversation. When a person has a negative mindset and looks for the worst in everything all the time, other people may find it boring, annoying or draining. Being overly negative can end the conversation fast!

Keep Conversations Light-Hearted

To project a confident impression, it’s good to talk about the activities you have been doing recently. By talking about the things you have been doing and not your feelings, you may be able to maintain a more positive mindset. Most people enjoy light-hearted social interaction. They are not interested in hearing your deepest emotions and nor do they want to be weighed down by the struggles of others.

Confident People Speak Clearly

Clear speech is confident speech. Articulating your words clearly and precisely makes it sound as if you know what you’re talking about. When you speak clearly, it’s also much easier for others to understand you. Take your time when speaking and open your mouth more expressively in order to avoid mumbling. If you need extra help to develop your clear speech, join my Clear Accent course, which will teach you to speak clear and confident English.

Speak with an Energetic Tone of Voice

Tone of voice is very important when it comes to speaking confidently. Try to add at least 10 percent more energy to your voice than is usual for you. This is because having an energetic tone of voice makes what you are saying much more interesting and engaging to the people. Try speaking with extra energy and you will find that people respond to you much better.

Do a Grounding Exercise

In order to speak confidently, we must be relaxed in our physical body. One way to do this is by doing a grounding exercise before entering the stressful situation.

Grounding exercises can help you to feel relaxed before entering a stressful situation. Feeling relaxed in a situation automatically raises your confidence level. Watch the below video to learn an exercise to reduce performance anxiety (nervousness).

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