Use language to build your strength of will and self-discipline.

Having a strong sense of will and self-discipline means that when you decide upon an idea or a goal, you work towards it steadily for as long as it takes until it is achieved.

One of the ways to observe your own level of willpower is to ask yourself whether you say things that you do not mean. If you often commit to things that never happen, that’s a sign of weak will. A second sign of being weak willed is that you commit to things that you do not follow though upon. For example, you say that you will quit smoking ‘soon’ but in fact you continually delay any attempt to quit.

In order to develop one’s sense of willpower and self-discipline, it’s important for your words and your actions to correlate. Therefore, never say you will do something if there is a chance that you will not deliver upon your word. Use language with integrity and to reflect the truth and over time you will find your willpower becoming stronger each time you fulfil a promise or commitment.

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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.


  1. I agree it’s important to stick with your commitments, including those you make to yourself. I was wondering if you ever read or listened to Stuart Wilde. I recall him explaining will power using very similar language. I listened to many of his tapes and read a few of his books. He certainly had a unique point of view. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago but many of his books and tapes are still out there.

    • Oh yes I am a huge fan of Stuart Wilde and many of his teachings I have put into practice in my own life. The book in question which applies to this talk is 33 Steps to Your Infinite Self:

  2. Andrew 007 and Teddy 001 Reply

    Indeed, I know one person whom for over 10 years has said he will create his own computer operating system but never has, despite the fact that he is an absolute wizard with computers. Although you may be born with an intrinsic high level of willpower and drive, as I was fortunately enough though I was also pushed very hard to succeed as a child, by all means you may certainly improve upon that by purposefully training yourself to improve that aspect of your personality as you most accurately state in this video with the techniques you expound

    • Cheers for your input Teddy – let me know if that guy ever gets around to making his computer operating system!

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