Some things I have learnt from my own experiences related to speaking and communication as well as working with my clients…

If you are mute you don’t have to be

If you put yourself in a mute situation you are choosing pain

If you created a life of muteness you gave up yourself

If your voice is quiet and unheard you are choosing that

If you can’t express yourself you can start

If you can’t show yourself you can learn

If you can’t breathe you can heal

If people silence you they don’t want to hear you

If people you care about silence you, you don’t need them

If your family don’t hear you, accept them or go where you will be heard

If you’re a lone voice where you are, accept that they won’t and can’t hear you

If you think that most people listen, you’re wrong

If you think none of this matters, I’m not the teacher for you

If you want to learn perfection, that way leads to pain

If you want to be more imperfectly you, I’ll teach you everything I learned

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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.

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