How to Get a British Accent

In this post, I will teach you how to get a British Accent. Follow my advice to sound more British.

British Accent Training Courses

Taking an accent training course is the most efficient way to get a British accent. This is because learning with a single teacher prevents your British accent from becoming confused. I also recommend that students take courses in order to prevent gaps in their knowledge from occurring.

Accent courses come in book, app, audio or video form.

  • pronunciation books are too academic, boring or difficult for most students to understand.
  • Pronunciation training apps teach you how to pronounce individual words, not connected sentences.
  • Audio accent training is an effective method, but you can’t see the teacher’s mouth moving.
  • Video accent training courses can be a good combination of all of the above. ✔️
Image showing the different types of accent training: book, pronunciation app, video, or audio MP3.
The Four Types of Accent Training: book, pronunciation app, audio or video.

On this website, I specialise in video accent training courses for professionals who require high-level English speaking skills for work and life. Teaching accent via video allows me to combine practical demonstrations (I show you how to make the sounds of English) with lots of repeat-after-me practice.

Reasons to Get a British Accent

Practical Reasons:

Students want to get a British accent so that they don’t have to repeat themselves as much. When you speak with a British accent, your English is easier to understand. Making this positive change reduces the stress of speaking English.

A second reason that students want to get a British accent is because they want to speak English elegantly. Just think of all the famous British actors: the one thing they have in common is their ability to speak very clearly. This is not an accident: it’s because Standard British English is a very clear and elegant accent.

A selection of notable Britons who speak well.
A selection of British public figures who speak well.

Emotional Reasons for Acquiring a British Accent:

A third reason that students want a British accent is a bit sensitive, therefore it’s rarely discussed openly. It’s to do with accent discrimination in the UK. Put simply, having a strong foreign accent limits your choices and opportunities in life. Having a strong foreign accent can also make you feel less accepted and respected.

Accent disrimination.

It’s perfectly possible to live and work in the UK without training your accent; go into any supermarket or restaurant to confirm this fact. But for a subset of people who have made the UK their home, they want a better accent than what is typical. The reason is usually because speaking well is important to them, in their native language, as well as in English.

In modern accent training, the goal is never to change your accent 100% to British. Instead, the aim is to get very close to British, with a subtle hint of your native accent in the background. It is this type of accent that is the most impressive because it’s authentic. That’s the accent that I teach my students…

Join British Accent Training

Watch the video for an introduction to the course:

How You Will Learn a British Accent

To get a British accent, you must do two kinds of accent training practice. Both kinds are included in my course:

Technical accent training practice: This means learning about the small details of sound so that you know exactly how to pronounce words in a British accent.

Flow accent training practice: This means doing repeat-after-me exercises so that your words flow together naturally.

The British Accent Training method of study is different to other accent training courses, and is a lot more effective, because it combines both types of accent training practice in a single course.

how to get a British accent with Jade Joddle

“I am an experienced English teacher who has overcome many difficulties with my speech to do the work that I do now. I discovered shortcuts along the way that I am going to share with you so that you don’t have to struggle as hard as I did”. – Jade Joddle

Are you the right level for this course?

If you are able to understand me speaking in the video above, then your English level is good enough to join this course. *The course has full captions / subtitles, for students who need extra help.

How Long Does it Take? 🇬🇧

A realistic timeframe for completing this course is two months. This is because accent training requires you to do physical practice in which you repeat-after-me.

You get over 6 hours of practice lessons, but you shouldn’t rush to finish the course. Taking your time with the lessons will give you the best results.

Every lesson in the course is designed for repeat practice. Your knowledge and skill increases every time you repeat the lessons. In the words of one of my students:

“The more times I repeat each lesson, the easier it seems! I would encourage other students to do every lesson at least twice!”

Maria, British Accent Training Student

Now sample the British Accent Training course by watching the course preview below:

How Much Does It Cost? 🇬🇧

It costs £149 to get this video British Accent training course. Receive your lessons immediately via a link when you join. Keep access to the course forever.

Improving Your Accent Grows Your English Confidence ➕➕➕

Jade Joddle makes accent training courses, but her students also report deeper changes as a result of following her teachings. Their confidence and skill speaking the English language grows, and with this, her students can shine and fulfil their potential.

Student Case Studies

🎓🇮🇹 Christina, a lab technician living in the UK: Christina’s accent made her feel excluded and provoked people to ask her the irritating question, ‘where are you from?’ The loss of confidence this caused made speaking English get harder and harder in any situation where it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Following my teachings gave Christina the support, skill and strength that she needed to turn her situation around. Her best result was being able to engage in friendly chitchat with people she didn’t know, which in turn made her feel more at home in the UK.

🎓🇯🇵 Hikaru, an executive living in JapanHikaru’s stiff manner made conversations with his international colleagues end abruptly and awkwardly. By following my accent training, he learnt to speak English in a more natural manner. Instead of fishing for words in every conversation, they soon began to arise effortlessly for him. The more relaxed impression he made enabled him to keep conversations flowing, and he began to feel calm when speaking English.

🎓 🇵🇱 Pavel, web developer living in the UK: Pavel’s five years living in England knocked his confidence and made his world small, due to a few bad experiences in which his English was mocked. Improving his accent by taking the British accent training course made him become more open to life; he even joined a photography club because of feeling better about his speaking.


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