In this post, I will talk about why having good jaw alignment is important for your health. I will also give advice on how you can fix your jaw alignment without surgery, by mewing.

What is Jaw Alignment?

A person with healthy jaw alignment has a good balance between their upper and lower jaw, which allows the person to bite and breathe in a healthy manner. A person whose jaw is misaligned may have issues with breathing, eating or sleeping. Other symptoms that can indicate a misaligned jaw are:

  • snoring
  • problems with chewing or tooth pain
  • clicking jaw
  • migraines
  • aches and pains in the jaw
  • rounded shoulders / poor body posture

Having a misaligned jaw also has negative impacts on speech. One example of this being a lisp, which is caused when a person’s tongue rests too far forward in the mouth.

Mewing for Jaw Alignment

Mewing refers to tongue posture training and exercises that gradually improve the alignment of your jaw. By changing the position of your tongue when resting, you can gradually alter the shape of your face and achieve a healthier jaw alignment. Mewing refers to all kinds of tongue posture exercises that help to improve a person’s jaw alignment. For instruction on How to Mew, watch my video.

Does Mewing Work?

When I first heard about mewing, I was initially skeptical of it. However, after three years of mewing (at the time of writing) I can say from firsthand experience that it works. I have achieved just under a centimetre of forward growth in my jaw, as a result of tongue posture retraining.

While I can understand that people with very serious jaw alignment issues may need to have corrective surgery, for everyone else this seems like the wrong path to take.

I also learnt from my own experience of mewing that having braces as a teenager was a mistake. Not only did I have 6 teeth removed, which was traumatic, but I was left with an arch / bite that was much too narrow for my face. I think the mass market of orthodontic treatment for purely cosmetic reasons is a big scam. In the long-term, there are more health negatives than positives for this sort of treatment. Rather than go through these traumatic treatments, the majority of teenagers would be much better served by learning to mew.

The Self-Development Aspects

The benefits of improved jaw alignment go beyond better breathing, sleeping and eating. There are also deeper changes, at the level of self-development. This is because the external change in one’s physical appearance is mirrored with an internal change, at the level of personality.

The result of improving my own jaw alignment was that I developed much greater poise. Having poise means conducting yourself in a calm and self-assured manner. It is a kind of graceful confidence that is achieved when there is good balance between the inner and outer self.

When a person’s jaw is misaligned, there may be a tendency to say too much and reveal too much to others. There may also be problems striking the appropriate balance between giving and receiving. Amazingly, balancing one’s jaw leads to significant breakthroughs in these areas.

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