Train your Voice with Vocal Exercises

Speaking with your best voice requires voice resonance to be concentrated in the mask area of your face (the area where you would wear an oxygen mask). Voice resonance simply means the vibrations present in the sound of your voice. If you do not currently speak with your best speaking voice, it may be that your voice is too nasal (vibrations coming from the nose) or that you’re speaking from your throat. In both cases you can increase the amount of resonance within the mask area by doing the following vocal training exercise.

The Bee Voice Exercise

1. Begin by making the sound of the bee. As you move your hand around, feel as if you are pushing out your resonance/vibrations to the position of the bee. See what it feels like as the bee flies around your body. Ask yourself how the vibrations feel different as you change the location of the bee.

2. Change the pitch of the bee from high to low. As you do this pay attention to how the vibrations you feel in your body change too. It may help to move your hand and eyes up when doing a high pitch, and down again to do a low pitch.

3. See what happens when you experiment with resonance inside your body. What’s it like when the bee is inside your mouth? What’s it like when the bee is inside your chest?

4. Fly the bee around your mask area. Make the vibrations you feel here as strong as possible. When you are speaking in your best speaking voice, you will be able to feel strong resonance here.

5. The most resonant sounds are /m/ /n/ /b/ and /v/. Exaggerate the resonant sounds in the following sentences:

I am a busy bee
My voice is yummy honey
Be happy bee.

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Jade Joddle is an accent trainer and English teacher. She teaches her non-native speaker clients to Speak Well in English so that they thrive and succeed.

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