In this English accent practice lesson, you will learn and practise examples of the /iː/ diphthong.

Practise /iː/ |Click the audio player to listen to this English accent practice lesson.

Improve your British accent by practising the /I/ vowel in example words and phrases. Follow this epeat-after-me audio lesson to improve your English accent.

English accent practice: the keyword for /iː/ is 'BOY'
English accent practice: the keyword for /iː/ is ‘BOY’

The /iː/ vowel is otherwise called the SHEEP vowel or ‘LONG E’ (in phonics).

English Accent Practice: /iː/ Examples

Now practise your British accent by repeating with the individual words and example phrases below. Pay close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible.

Not every word examples in the phrase section contains an /iː/ vowel, but must do. There is at least one /iː/ vowel in each example phrase:

we                   we buy any car 

appreciate       I appreciate you 

equal               all things being equal 

even                two is an even number 

evening           good evening Mr Jones 

evil                  the battle of good versus evil 

female             a female deer is a doe 

frequent          he’s a frequent visitor 

metre              parking metre

athlete             athletes train very hard 

complete         complete and utter failure 

delete              I recommend you delete Facebook 

scene               setting the scene 

theme             fancy dress party theme 

gene                gene, DNA, chromosome 

beach              I said beach, not bitch 

bead                shiny bead necklace 

beat                 don’t beat around the bush 

breathe           breathe in and breathe out 

cheat               cheaters never prosper 

cream              anti-aging cream 

creature          what a disgusting, horrid creature! 

leaf                  like a leaf blowing in the wind 

lean                 lean minced beef 

meat                lovely meat pies 

mean               I didn’t mean to be mean, but… 

reveal              all will be revealed 

sea                   swimming in the Black Sea 

team                she’s not a team player 

teach               teach a man to fish 

weak                weak immune system 

weasel             pop goes the weasel 

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