Clear Accent Workshop

Join a new group accent training course led by Jade Joddle, starting in January 2022.

COURSE AIM: To speak English more clearly. If you are tired of being asked the question, “Can You Repeat that Please?” This course is for you!

When your accent isn’t as clear as it should be, it causes you problems in your life…

  1. People sometimes don’t understand what you’re saying. You have to repeat yourself or are misunderstood. This is embarrassing and makes you lose confidence speaking English.
  2. People negatively judge you because of your accent. People may underestimate your abilities, and think that your English level is much lower.
  3. Your lack of speaking confidence may result in you avoiding simple tasks like talking on the phone. You might also put off (delay) doing important things in your life, such as meeting new people or changing jobs.


WHAT IS IT? An intermediate-level accent training course where you will do lots of practical speech training activities in a group class environment. You will learn by doing.

REASON FOR THIS COURSE… My Clear Accent self-study video course is now 5 years old. I love the practical speech training exercises in this course and I thought it would be great to reuse this material in a group class environment. But we will also take it one step further by making the course even more physical and practical than the original version.

SECOND REASON FOR THIS COURSE…. Students who want to improve their accent often concentrate too much on the mental/intellectual aspects of pronunciation. Learning in this imbalanced way often means they know a lot of technical information about pronunciation, but they are not able to apply it properly in real-life conversations. Students like this need to develop the physical aspect of their speech more. They need to do a lot more practice, and much less thinking!

THIRD REASON FOR THIS COURSE… Perhaps you purchased my Clear Accent course but didn’t manage to finish it. Or perhaps you think improving your accent by yourself is too difficult. Either way, some people need the help and support of a teacher to improve their accent. The greatest advantage of joining a group class is that the teacher (that’s me) supplies all the motivation and energy. All you need to do is attend the weekly classes!

WHO IS THIS COURSE NOT FOR… This course is not for you if you want to focus on very small details of pronunciation. We won’t be looking at technical diagrams or learning IPA (phonetic symbols)! Also, I won’t be providing that many corrections on your accent. This is because I want you to grow in confidence by practising and performing, without worrying about small mistakes.

WHAT’S NEW? This course is going to be different from the original because I am going to include new physical exercises. This group course will also be interactive, unlike the original version.

WHAT LEVEL IS THIS COURSE? To join this course your English must be good enough to understand my videos. This is an entry-level course that is suitable for people who haven’t done any accent training before.

* Regular students should ask me personally by email if this course is suitable for them or not.

INTERACTIVE LESSONS These interactive group lessons will not be recorded, therefore you will need to attend the lessons to get the full benefit of the training. This is an interactive group course that isn’t suitable for self-study or non-participation in lessons.



BEGINS: 19th January 2022

ENDS: 9th March 2022

WEEKLY LESSON TIME: Wednesdays @ 7.30pm-8.30pm London time

COST: £175 Complete Training / 8 hours of instruction

PAYMENT: places sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

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