Students who are considering accent training often ask me the question, ‘How can I change my accent to British’. In this lesson, I give tips and advice for how you can make your accent sound more British.

Take a British Accent Training Course

The most effective thing you can do to sound more British is to commit to a programme of study by taking an accent training course. This is because taking a course will prevent accent confusion, which occurs when too many influences are present in your accent. Taking an accent training course, as opposed to watching random YouTube videos by lots of different teachers, will also reduce the possibility of gaps in your knowledge occurring.

Make a Dedicated Effort to Improve your Accent

Students fail to learn a British accent when they aren’t dedicated to their goal. To get lasting results, you will need to make time for regular accent training practice. A realistic amount of time you should be practising your accent is 10 minutes per day. Anything less than this signifies that you are not committed to your goal of changing your accent to British.

Give Yourself Permission to Change Your Accent to British

Accents are closely connected to our sense of identity, for which reason most people are sensitive about the idea of changing their accent. At a deeper subconscious level, many people don’t want to change the way they speak because to do so feels ‘disloyal’ to their native language or home country.

There is no requirement to change your accent to British, if you don’t want to. That being said, it is important to be aware of the possibility of limiting beliefs in your subconscious which hinder your attempts at changing your accent to British.

Many people experience daily struggle and frustration when speaking English because their accent isn’t easy to understand. When this is the case, attempts to sound more British improve your quality of your communication and life. When seen from this perspective, students should always give themselves permission to change their accent by clearing away limiting beliefs.

The goal of accent training is to improve the quality of your communication and confidence speaking English.”

Jade Joddle

How “Good” Should Your British Accent Be?

On this website, I teach students who are motivated to reach the top 10% percent of English speakers, in regards to their British accent. You can go into any supermarket or fast-food chain in the UK and observe the fact that you don’t need to have a “good” British accent to get a job in the UK. Indeed, it is only in the professions that speaking English well becomes a necessity. This is because for professionals, speaking English well is important for their overall professional confidence and status among colleagues.

My lessons and courses are aimed at professionals, who need high-level English speaking skills for their work and life. Reasonably, such people need to put in more effort and study the subject more deeply than everyone else. Only these people truly need to speak with a “good” British accent.

“How Can I Change My Accent to British English?”

Before you begin work to change your Accent to British, you should know the seven accent training truths. These are the misconceptions and mistakes people make when they approach accent training in the wrong way:

More Reasons for Changing Your Accent to British

  • Accent training pays for itself by improving your employment prospects.
  • British accent training makes you easier to understand. This means you won’t have to repeat yourself as much.
  • Sounding British doesn’t require you to change your accent 100%, to the point of sounding like a completely different person. For many students, British accent training combined with a subtle touch of their native accent is the best combination for authenticity.
  • Accents are not equal. Some accents open doors for you in your life (give you increased opportunities), whereas other accents close doors (block you from opportunities). For this reason, I teach the Standard British Accent. This is the best British accent for you to learn because it is the accent of the professions and of broadcasting.

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