Having word recall problems means that it takes you too long to find your words when speaking. This can be frustrating and embarrassing when you are having a conversation. In today’s lesson, I talk about this problem, and also make a recommendation for foods to include in your diet, which could help you remember your words faster.

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Memory Decline

People often talk about about memory decline and not being able to remember your words as if it is an inevitable part of getting older. While that may be true to an extent, my personal experience tells me that the worst symptoms of memory decline can be reversed. I found that by changing my diet, I was able to reverse the damage and remember my words much more quickly than before.

Eating the right foods can help you remember your words faster.

The Gut and Brain Speed

The foods that we eat impact the speed at which we are able to think and also our mental alertness. Some foods slow us down, while others seem to ‘lubricate’ our thinking speed. For me, gluten and lactose containing foods slow down my mental processing speed, and make my thinking sluggish and foggy. For the positive impact of the memory enhancing foods that I mention below to be observable, you may need to remove gluten containing foods from your diet first.

Foods that Help You Find Your Words

The two foods that I recommend for helping you to find your words faster are pumpkin seeds and walnuts. If it takes you far too long to remember the name of a place, person, film or book, then it is worth giving these foods a try to see if they can help you too. I only eat a small daily portion: 5 pumpkin seeds and a quarter of a walnut is all that I need to recall my words at the normal speed.

*If you have a nut allergy, then of course you should not eat walnuts.

Disclaimer: The recommendations are based on my personal experience. I’m an English teacher, not a dietician or nutritionist.

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