PROBLEM: your narrow English comfort zone limits your speaking confidence, preventing you from expressing yourself fully and shining in your life. 🌟❌

Diagram of a student's comfort zone when speaking English

When your English comfort zone is narrow…

  • You take the quiet route through life
  • You miss out on opportunities
  • You overthink your English
  • Your mind goes blank in unpractised situations
  • You English fails you in ‘serious situations’, e.g. when dealing with senior colleagues
  • Being out of your comfort zone can make you experience a ‘shutdown’ (you stop speaking and withdraw into yourself)
When you get stuck in an English hole, it's difficult to pull yourself out without help.
For many students, getting out of their confidence hole is impossible without a helping hand.

Here’s the truth…

Confident English speaking skills are not absorbed by listening to native speakers, being on English soil or by speaking English in your job. To feel good about your English, you actively need to push the bounds of your comfort zone by practising, speaking aloud and interacting in a wide range of unfamiliar situations. Unless you can do this, nothing will change and you will stay stuck where you are.

Having good English pronunciation is important, but sometimes students pursue this goal in an imbalanced way, which leads to increased perfectionism, heightened anxiety and making more mistakes! The training methods of other teachers will instruct you to get either accurate or flowing English speech, but never both of them together.

Balancing the two kinds of speech practice is what makes the Speak Well method different and more effective at building English speaking confidence.

Solution: improving the accuracy and flow of your English by following my balanced training method fills you with confidence, and makes expanding your English comfort zone easy. ✔︎✔︎✔︎

Introducing ‘British Accent Training’, a course that grows your confidence and skill to shine when speaking English 🌟

What will I Learn?

✔︎ You will learn small details about pronunciation to improve accuracy.

✔︎ You will practise the music of English to improve flow.

✔︎ You will build skill through doing challenging speech training exercises.

How will I learn?

▶︎ This is an interactive group class that is happening on Zoom.

▶︎ You will learn in a supportive and motivating group class environment.

▶︎ You will get personal feedback and guidance from Jade to improve your speaking.

▶︎ You will expand your English comfort zone by actively participating in the class.

▶︎ You will get a video version of the course to keep forever.

▶︎ This is a small group class for a limited number of students.

Are You Suitable to Join this Course?

If you are able to understand me speaking in my YouTube videos, then your English level is good enough to join this course.

How much Commitment and Time Does this Course Require?

This course requires 1 hour and 15 minutes of your time each week for 10 weeks. This means all you need to do is show up and we will do the work together in the class. Therefore, this course is especially good for students who need the extra motivation that joining a group class provides.

When you feel calm and relaxed, speaking English is much easier. That’s why we learn in a fun and stress-free way in this course. It is very important to me as your teacher that your learning should always be interesting and enjoyable for you.

Important Course Details…

Every Wednesday evening @ 7.15pm – 8.30pm UK for 10 weeks

*First 15 minutes is optional arrival and socialising time.

Start date: 12th May 2021

End date: 14th July 2021

Cost of training: £399

Places limited to 15 students

Speak Well Student Case Studies

🎓🇮🇹 Christina, a lab technician living in the UK: Christina’s accent made her feel excluded and provoked people to ask her the irritating question, ‘where are you from?’ The loss of confidence this caused made speaking English get harder and harder in any situation where it wasn’t absolutely necessary. Following my teachings gave Christina the support, skill and strength that she needed to turn her situation around. Her best result was being able to engage in friendly chitchat with people she didn’t know, which in turn made her feel more at home in the UK.

🎓🇫🇷 Mathieu, a television executive living in France: Mathieu was disappointed with his performance in English because a central part of his personality was missing. He frequently interacted with English native speakers in meetings and social events, but instead of shining around them, he turned into a passive listener, especially in group situations. His best result from following my teachings was that dinner parties at which English was spoken stopped being torturous and/or boring because he was now skilfully and confidently able to join the conversation.

🎓🇯🇵 Hikaru, an executive living in Japan: Hikaru’s stiff manner made conversations with his international colleagues end abruptly and awkwardly. By following the Speak Well method, he learnt to speak English in a more natural manner. Instead of fishing for words in every conversation, they soon began to arise effortlessly for him. The more relaxed impression he made enabled him to keep conversations flowing, and he began to feel calm when speaking English.

🎓🇵🇱 Pavel, web developer living in the UK: Pavel’s five years living in England knocked his confidence and made his world small, due to a few bad experiences in which his English was mocked. Practising the Speak Well method made him become more open to life; he even joined a photography club because of feeling better about his speaking.

End of Course Description

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Jade Joddle grows your confidence and skill to shine when speaking English.

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