In this British accent training podcast, you will learn and practise examples of the /əʊ/ vowel.

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Improve your British accent by practising the /əʊ/ diphthong in example words and phrases. Repeat-after-me audio lesson for a British English accent. The British Accent Training Podcast is free for you to download as MP3 (right click and save by clicking the audio player).

The symbol and keyword in the image below will help you to remember the sound of the /əʊ/ diphthong.

British Accent Training Podcast: the keyword for /əʊ/ is 'GOAT'
British Accent Training Podcast: the keyword for /əʊ/ is ‘GOAT’

In the next part of the lesson, we will do some repeat-after-me British Accent training.

British Accent Training Podcast: Practise /əʊ/

Pay close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible. Not every word example in the phrase section contains an /əʊ/ vowel, but must do. There is at least one /əʊ/ diphthong in each example phrase.

Now practise your British accent by repeating the individual words and example phrases below.

no                    no-go zone

open                open or closed? 

also                  he’s also a soldier 

over                 over the rainbow 

only                 only joking

most                most toes are swollen

so                    so close, but yet so far

those               won’t those blokes go home?            (bloke = man; informal) 

total                zero votes in total 

nose                blow your nose 

alone               home alone

low                  a low blow 

below              below the ocean

cold                 snow is cold

yellow             they call me mellow yellow 

clothes            fold your clothes

broken             broken shoulder bone                        (shoulder = /ˈʃəʊl.də/) 

don’t               don’t go overboard 

go                    go to Rio de Janeiro 

follow              hope follows sorrow                           (hope = /həʊp/) 

know               I don’t know Joe 

show               the show must go on 

told                  I told you so

won’t               we won’t grow old 

wrote              he wrote a note 

code                crack the code

cone                ice cream cone

dose                dose of medicine

home               E.T. phone home

hose                fireman’s hose

joke                 dirty joke

rope                show (him) the ropes

woke               woke up with a hangover

Thank you for doing this British accent training podcast lesson. Now, you may continue your accent training by listening to more British accent podcast lessons.

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