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Jade Joddle – More Than a Teacher: A Unique Person on the Internet

Jade Joddle made hundreds of videos teaching topics related to speech, communication and accent for six years on her YouTube channel. During her adventure over 20 million people watched her unique way of teaching and being.

A Personal Letter to You as My Real Fan:

Dear Real Fan,

In December 2017 I quit my YouTube channel. It was a sad and difficult decision for me to make because I don’t want to let you down: As my Real Fan, I feel a sense of responsibility and care towards you. During the six years I made videos as Jade Joddle, I taught you about many topics, but I also hope you saw in my videos that I was learning all the time how to show you more aspects of my unique self.

As well as teaching you about speech and language, I showed you how I was growing as a person. I showed you the journey of my life so you could learn from my personal experience. However, my sense of honesty and openness came at a cost: I was regularly abused by trolls and haters. This happened increasingly as I learned to show more of my unique self in the videos, instead of wearing a mask. The pressure of ‘being Jade Joddle’ became too much for me, and is part of the reason I experienced a severe health crisis and burnout from 2016-2017.

Thankfully, I have recovered my health. But the experience of burnout has left its mark on me forever. I now know with absolute certainty that there will never be a new Jade Joddle video on YouTube. The only way forward for me now is to do totally new things that are in tune with deeper parts of myself.

This letter has a sad tone, but that’s not the way I want to end the story of Jade Joddle. Let’s instead remember the positive aspects of what I did during those six years: I made lots of fun, funny and original teaching videos! And most of all, I was a unique person on the internet.

I deleted hundreds of videos from my YouTube channel as part of my decision to quit, but before this story ends for good, I want to give you the chance to own for yourself and keep forever the 15 best Jade Joddle videos I ever made.

I selected only the videos that you as my Real Fan would absolutely love and appreciate because I know you understand my story. When you buy them, you get to download the 15 Best Videos I Ever Made immediately.

Then it’s up to you: You can either binge-watch all the videos in a single session or take your time and watch a video whenever you miss having my Jade Joddle videos to follow.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for being my Real Fan. You are the reason that I teach.


Own the 15 Best Jade Joddle videos I ever made


Download and keep forever my very best videos

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  • I selected the 15 best videos that I know my Real Fans will love
  • I selected my most unique videos
  • I selected the most funny and fun videos
  • I selected the most personal videos
  • I selected the funniest and sweetest videos I ever made
  • I selected videos spanning a broad range of topics and styles
  • I selected videos that I want you to remember me by


  • If you are NOT a real fan, you won’t like this package of videos
  • If you want to use these videos for learning English, I don’t recommend this package because it is not a course and is not specific to learning English
  • If you want to improve your accent, I don't recommend this package because it is not a course and is not specific to accent training

The Specific Videos You Will Get…


  • ‘The Way I See the World’ The world through my blurry eyes

  • ‘Walking Around Where I Grew Up’ An up close and personal vlog about where I come from

  • ‘Fun in the English Countryside’ A leg-slapping celebration of nature

  • 'How to Change Your Life Advice' Inspiring you to make positive life changes

  • ‘Draw My Life’ Animated video of my life story

  • ‘Tour of My House’ A ‘no-boundaries tour’ of my house when I lived in Turkey

  • ‘Why I Can’t Feel Emotions Anymore’ A breathing exercise for feeling your feelings

  • ‘Understand Rude English People’ An unwittingly hilarious video about asking for directions

  • ‘What to Do in a British Pub’ English pub culture explained – the Jade Joddle way!

  • ‘Push Your Comfort Zone’ A video where I face my fear of speaking in public

  • ‘Rabbit as a King of the Ghosts’ A sweet animated poem

  • ‘10 Ways to Overcome Shyness’ Cute animation about being more confident

  • ‘How to Speak with a British Accent’ [Joke warning] An accent trolling video

  • ‘How to Get Hot Chicks’ Dating and confidence advice (according to a narcissistic bear)

  • 'Mad Hermit Woman' (Poem) The best video I ever made, EVER!

Find These Videos Fun, Funny, Personal and Sweet – Or Your Money Back!

I guarantee that you will enjoy watching this package of my best ever videos. However, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase and would like a refund, just let me know and I will refund your money immediately with no questions asked.

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A Selection of Messages from My Real Fans

“You’re such a wonderful teacher and you’ve done great things to the world! Your videos are worth re-watching and they bring new insights each time.”

Janet, UK

“I really want to thank you for your amazing videos, they have improved both my life and my English.”

Pouyan, UK

“Thank you for all that you've done, I'm a student of 72 years old and I always appreciated your videos. I think you are a special person.”

Mariella, Italy

“Thanks for your job and congratulations! I have never seen a creative way to teach like you do!”

Vitória, Brazil

“The more I watched your videos the more I realised what a refreshingly genuine and honest person you are!  It’s an odd thing to say, but I have taken an instant liking to the person you are. Your emotional intelligence is something I have rarely encountered.”

Alexs, Brazil

“I want to thank you for your extremely useful and most interesting YouTube channel! You really gave me confidence, motivation and more positive way of thinking.”

Alexandra, Russia

“I have been watching your YouTube videos for, I think, about more than three years now and your personal efforts to express your very fine thoughts are highly appreciated by me in many ways. If you can say one thing about me, it is that I am a really devoted fan.”

Peer, Germany

“Your videos are very interesting, some for example in that you show yourself so sincere and honest, as human. I consider it an act of courage to you see without masks and it is what I consider very valuable and very useful for many people.”

Jamie, UK

“Jade, in the lesson I enjoyed most you looked so innocent, and innocence is something I only see in children. I see light in the lessons which in turn compels me to believe that there is good in this world.“

Byron, UK

“Jade is a person who brought light into a suffering world, Jade is a true witness of faith that says anything good can be done, When you hear Jade speak, listen attentively to her wisdom, For in your life, you have already won.”

Andrew, Australis

“You are sensational! You really are creative! Keep up the good work! You are unique!”

Moon Lamb, France

“You as a teacher has an important role in my life. Thank you for making your videos.”

Lenilson, Spain
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The Best of Jade Joddle

A Unique Person on the Internet

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