Best Voice Profile — Purchase Complete

Thank you for purchasing a Best Voice Profile. Before I can get started, I need some audio recorded samples of your voice. When you have everything together, please send me an email with your recording(s).


Notes for making the voice recording(s)

  • To get the most out of your Best Voice Profile, I need to hear your most authentic, natural voice. For many of us, the act of recording the voice can be stressful and may bring out perfectionistic tendencies. Try to avoid the urge to re-record yourself when answering the questions. I am accepting of the way you speak so please don’t worry about pauses, disjointed speech or making ums and ahs.
  • Aim to spend between 2-4 minutes answering each question. It’s okay to take a little time before you start your recording to think about how you will answer the question.
  • If it is easier for you, you can record your answers separately and send them to me as separate files.
  • Aim to get the best sound quality possible. It’s perfectly okay to use your phone or laptop to make your recording(s) but please do so in a quiet room where there is no interfering background noise.


The Questions

Answer these five questions and send them to me via email…

  1. Tell me about yourself / introduce yourself – be as personal as you feel comfortable
  2. What makes you excited in life / what are your passions?
  3. How to do feel when you hear your own voice / what are it’s positive and negative aspects?
  4. Are there any speakers you admire (for example actors/public figures?) and in your opinion what is appealing about them? In contrast, are there any public speakers whose voices you really dislike?
  5. Share with me a personal, painful memory related to speaking/speech in your life

I look forward to receiving your answers. I will aim to do your voice reading within 5 days of receiving all your information.

NOTE: Don’t worry if you are not able to record your answers immediately as you will also receive the information on this page in an email from me.