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In this English pronunciation lesson, we will practise the pronunciation of the /b/ sound in English. As I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear, /b/ is quite an easy consonant to learn because there isn’t much variation in the spellings. 

Neon sign /b/
Practise pronouncing the /b/ sound in English

Pronunciation Difficulties with /b/

  • Native Spanish speakers should take care not to pronounce /b/ as a /v/ sound. This error occurs because in standard Spanish the letters ‘b’ and ‘v’ sound alike.
  • Speakers of Cantonese, Korean and Japanese may need to take extra care to pronounce /b/ at the end of words, as in ‘bathtub’ and ‘doorknob’.

Practice /b/ in Example Words and Phrases

Now practise your pronunciation with the individual words and example phrases below. Place close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible:

budge: budge up buddy

▶︎ ‘budge’ (n) or ‘budge up’ (phrasal verb) means to get someone or something to slightly move.

hobnob: hobnob a lot

▶︎ to ‘hobnob’ (v) means to attempt to become friends with famous or influential people.

bubble: bubble bath

knobbly: Dobby’s knobbly knees

▶︎ Something that is ‘knobbly’ has bumps on it. This phrase is a reference to Harry Potter (Dobby is an Elf in Harry Potter).

gibberish: scribble some gibberish

▶︎ ‘gibberish’ (n) refers to meaningless spoken or written words.

Extend your Learning

◼️ Part Two of this lesson. Practise /b/ in advanced words and phrases.

◼️ For extra practise on /b/ versus /v/ watch this lesson via Engvid.

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