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In this English pronunciation lesson, we will practise the pronunciation of /b/ in advanced words and phrases. These include a list of silent letter ‘b’ words and some examples of consonant blends containing /b/.

Do Part One of this lesson first → Pronunciation of /b/

How to Articulate /b/

  • /b/ is stop consonant: the flow of air is stopped and then released to make a sound
  • the place of articulation is the lips: purse the lips and then release the pressure
  • /b/ is a voiced consonant: the vocal cords vibrate (no puff of air is released like it is for /p/)
  • the /b/ (voiced) and /p/ (voiceless) consonants are usually learnt as a pair
  • /b/ and /p/ are pronounced with the same part of the lips

Silent ‘b’ List of Words

Take extra care to practise and memorise the pronunciation of silent ‘b’ words as these are commonly mispronounced:









Silent /b/ words list
Silent /b/ Words List

Practice Advanced /b/ in Example Words and Phrases

Now practise your pronunciation with the individual words and example phrases below. Place close attention to your articulation and repeat-after-me as clearly as possible:

blonde: blue-eyed blonde

blotchy: blotchy spots and blemishes

brown: the brown broom’s bristles

Extend Your Learning

◼️ Do Part One of this lesson. Practise /b/ pronunciation.

◼️ A handy table of silent /b/ words via Ginseng English.

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