Appointments Terms and Conditions


24-Hour Appointment Cancellation Policy:

  • A minimum of 24-hours’ notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment or else your session will be lost and is non-refundable.
  • If you change your mind about your appointment purchase, your session is fully refundable any time before the 24-hour cancellation period.
  • You can notify me of a change to your appointment by clicking the cancel/reschedule link in your appointment confirmation email.
  • A single appointment can be rescheduled one time only. Any appointment that you attempt to reschedule more than once will be lost.


  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you are on time for your appointment. In the event of your lateness, your session will not overrun to make up for the lost time. If you are late, I will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for you.  Note: sessions will not be rescheduled and are non-refundable in the event of your lateness.

To Get the Most Out of Your Appointment:

  • Sessions are most effective when we can talk without being disturbed by other people. Therefore, I recommend that you book your session at a time that you will have quiet and privacy.
  • Sessions are most effective when you have your webcam on for the appointment.
  • It is recommended that you attend the class using a laptop rather than mobile phone connection.

Technical Information

  • All sessions take place on Zoom (an online meeting software).
  • Within 24-hours of receiving payment notification for your appointment, I will email you with instructions for attending your lesson.

Group Classes

  • Background noise of any kind is disruptive to group classes. Consequently, any students with background noise will be muted in the class.
  • Group classes are not recommended for students whose internet connection is weak or unstable.
  • Students attending group classes are advised to use webcams.


By purchasing coaching services from Jade Joddle you confirm that you agree with the following statements and wish to proceed:

  • I understand that Jade Joddle provides guidance on account of her own personal learning and direct experience as a teacher and speaker. In no way does she act as any of the following: formally qualified speech therapist; therapeutic counsellor; mental health professional; medical care professional.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle’s formal education is in English Literature and that her experience is as an English teacher.
  • I understand that I am fully responsible for my wellbeing during coaching sessions including any subsequent choices or decisions made.
  • I understand that recommendations, ideas and comments made by Jade Joddle are solely for the purpose of aiding me to achieve my defined goals.
  • I understand that to the extent our work together involves career or business, Jade Joddle is not promising outcomes regarding increased business success.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle’s approach is holistic, and as such, her recommendations may include general health and wellbeing advice.
  • I understand that Jade Joddle will protect my confidentiality regarding issues discussed in our appointments.