American Accent Tour

Accents of the USA

Perdita Lawton voice over artist gives us some tips, tricks and phrases to speak as characters with American accents…

New York Bronx Accent – to sound like you’re from the Bronx say ‘coffee’ as many times as possible while eating a bagel.

Standard American Accent (East Coast) – try saying, ‘I’ll get a cheeseburger and fries’ or ‘I love cheeseburger and fries’. **Calm down we’re only joking. 😉

Jade’s Lisping American Nerd Accent- don’t speak clearly and be as nasal as possible.

Perdita’s Annoying Valley Girl Accent – speak in a high pitched, excitable tone of voice while saying ‘loves it’.

Mountain Hillbilly Accent – slow down your speech and say, ‘Brendon come in off of that porch,’ or, ‘don’t you be giving me none of that horse shit!’

Check out Perdita Lawton’s website for information about her work as a voice over artist.


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